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Expanding Stomach


i was wondering what foods to eat to expand my stomach a lot, i heard lettuce works. any other suggestions?


Celery helps.Just eat lots off fiber.




Eat alot of anything for long enough and it'll expand.

Could one food really be that much better for this? (serious, not sarcasm)



\|/ 3Toes


Squating and deadlifting has made my stomach "expand"...That and eating a LOT of food.



cabbage. I hear that a lot of the 'professional eaters' use this technique


Agreed. After all, the human body is geared towards taking advantage of prosperous times. Why do you ask?


The idea of lettuce has nothing to do with the properties of lettuce. The whole idea is to eat something that takes up alot of volume but doesn't have a lot of weight. For example you could eat alot more lettuce in terms of volume then you could steak. Therefore your stomach would expand to deal with the large volume of food.


For DAMN sure. It will make the whole of the core thicker waist included but in a good way.

Add on that a shit ton of food, fiber and a gallon of milk as fast as you can blotas the hell out of me.

I have to ask as well, WHY??

Only thing I can think is your are trying to do a fake before/after pics taking the afters before and trying to make your self look as unappealing as you can for the befores that actually come after.LOL


Maybe he is trying to expand his stomach so he can fit more food in it later.

Expand now then a week or two from now start bulking? I don't know.


Maybe he is wondering what foods he can eat to really fill up his stomach without eating much. He might be cutting and getting really hungry. Just a thought.