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Expanding My Home Gym


I have a squat cage, a smith machine and 600lbs of Oly weight. Wanting to expand my home gym and give me some more options, considering adding this.

Kind of a hammer strength knock off, gets good reviews from what I've read. Anyone have any experience with this machine? Opinions please.


didn't Jay Cutler do a hilarious endorsement commercial for them?


I'd go with some dumbbells or a GHR rather than that thing.


It looks nice but what options does it give you that you don't already have? It looks like you'd be paying a thousand bucks plus tax (plus shipping?) for something that won't add anything all that different to what you've already got. I would probably never do the squat station over regular squats or front Squats. The leg Curl doesn't look very good. I think I'd prefer just using the standard leg curl that comes with home gym benches. I'm sure it's great for pressing movements but variations of Bench using dumbbells and barbells are pretty good too.

How about you make yourself a nice platform for under a hundred bucks and buy a nice Hex-bar for a little over a hundred bucks. Two hundred dollars vs 1000 dollars.


Come on guys, it's shiny and yellow!

Seriously just looking for something different than the normal bar lifts, they are certainly effective but can get a bit stale. When I was going to a gym I enjoyed the HS stuff and this looked similar.

It's kind of a whim anyway, I was looking for some oly dumbbell handles and happened on it which got my mind to thinking. Sure I'm fine with what I have but this thing is cool!!!

Excuse my ignorance but what is GHR? *EDIT Glute Ham raise, just hit me.


OMG lol...

That is what I was thinking the whole ten minutes I just looked at all the pictures...

oooohhhh pretty...

Functional use was the last thing on my mind.


I'm telling ya! I work nights and there isn't shit to do most of the time so I go caught up in the cool factor and not the need or usefulness.


Hey, another important point, one I try to keep in mind as a home gym guy, never buy anything you can't resell pretty easily. If you decide you don't like it you're stuck, or if you need to sell it because you're moving, again, your stuck. Good luck with what ever you choose.


You must have alot of room.


Thanks everyone, saved me $1000. I liked the idea of the machine more than the fact of having it. It's very cool but pricey, unnecessary and over the top.

hardgnr- full basement, unfinished so a lot of room.


A friend of mine has that exact thing. It's not bad, but expensive for a small amount of functionality. I got the ultimate smith machine 2 by fintess gear for my basement. It has an angled smith built into it, but I am not crazy about that part. The front is setup like a rack so you can use it for benching, shoulder press, squats. It also has a pulley system that has six places to attatch handles. I only paid $600 for it on sale at Dick's, and it has been worth every penny.

This is the first picture I could find for it. Don't know if they sell it anymore.