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Expand Ribcage??


i was just wondering if its possible to expand ones ribcage by doing some exercises
im 16 btw
i read somewhere that doing pullovers achieve this but im not too sure?


You're confusing the latissimus dorsi with the actuall bones themselves. Do pull-ups, pull-overs, and all sorts of rows.


breath in.



See, it's already bigger.


Stop reading Arnold. :slight_smile:


At your age, yes. You need to perform BREATHING squats and BREATHING pullovers.


Eat 5 large pizzas a day. Rinse and repeat. Your rib cage will certainly expand as a result...


hell do them anyway they are an awesome excercise and you get to take up heaps of space which just about pisses everyone else off it is awesome just like my grammar


There were a lot of posts regarding the issue on the Training Myths thread:


Also check out the Chest Roundtable:


Personally, I'm very sceptical.


It ~MIGHT~ be possible. IT is hard to say. Doing the pullovers might only increase teh size of your lats. However even if it might be possible it is worthwhile.

Breather squats then immediately do
pullovers (not too much weight with the pullovers)

Some people also believe that pullovers with two dumbells, one in each hand, alternating, can expand the width of the shoulder girdle ie the bones by stretching out the joints.

Now whether there is ANY truth in any of this is anyone's guess.

But definetely breather squats are one of the best exercises, and pullovers are also great, and using them together is a great idea. You could base two workouts on them, if you workout 3x a week. Say, monday and friday. And Weds, do deadlifts instead of breather squats.


I don't know if it is true but they used to say holding your breath and doing pushups


What elevation are you living at? Ok you're 16 you have no control over that, but I did want to point out IME people living at higher elevations will generally have larger ribcages. I believe this to be caused by the lower air density wich meens you have to take in more air to get the same O2. I live at over 5,000 feet a lot of people here are "barrel-chested" especially the farmboys who grew up here.