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Exp. With Grow! Bars & Cutting


I was wondering if anyone has been using the new Grow! Bar as part of a cutting diet (say 2 bars a day) and what results they have found.

Thanks Guys


The Grow! Bars will be fine. Even great. It's a great snack in between meals to keep your metabolism up and it has a significant source of fiber as well.

Shugart even approves the Grow! bars for the meal-a-day version of the V-Diet.


I have used them successfully for both bulking and leaning out.

keep eating, feeding the machine!

Personally I love sitting down with 16-32oz of whole milk and eating two of the bars (while bulking)....

I eat one with some Low-Carb Grow! (and some Flax/Salmon oil supps) for one of my snacks while cutting.


thanks for the reply guys.


I'm using them now. I'm cutting while also gaining size and strength.

They fit in perfectly for a snack or as a "bridge" meal.


I use the bars for a bridge meal as well in my cutting diet.


Affirmative. I used them for bridge meals or whole meals (2 of them) while cutting. They are good enough for that but not so good that you want to eat the whole box.