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Exotic Meats: What Should I Get?



My dad and i are looking for a bulk meat site.

Are there better sites?

If so, what meat should i get?

And how should i prepare something like black bear? (which tastes metallic and rough according to most cooks)


Why not buy beef and turkey like the rest of us?


Black bear gives me the runs. Too fatty.

Bison is fantastic though, it's surging into the lead as my favorite meat. It's super lean though, so I just pan sear the steaks for the amount of time it takes me to grab a beer and gather my knife and fork and such (it's usually still cool throughout, the "cooking" is just a formality). Dry seasoning on the meat, butter in the pan, turns out real nice.

That goes for most wild game/exotics, really. It's generally pretty lean, so be careful not to overcook it. Except bear. Diarrhea city brother.


bear is awful! Super nasty!

How about buy a gun, hunting license, and do it yourself?

buying a side of grass fed would be way cheaper


get dog and cat the are very high in protein and low inf at.


They taste worse than bear!


What cut of bear was greasy? I've had rump roast and shoulder roasts from bear and trying to cook 'em was a trick because, like most game, they were so lean.

Slow cooked chili with bear/boar/venison is great. Especially with chipotle chilies!

Swan makes good soup.

Ostrich eggs are just weird...too big!!


Wow, I forgot how good of a deal we get on beef. Having neighbors/friends that run a farm we usually buy 200lbs of meat a year from him for about 400 bucks...

Hamburger, steaks, roasts, everything...

He usually throws in some free shit too like the brains and liver.... We usually give away the brains, I have never ate them.

As far as advice, get the Alpaca...they are cute



I would just go with normal meats. But but some semi-exotic would be ostrich which I believe has the most omega-3 of any meat. Bison and crocodile are great, too.


I'm not sure. However, I'd believe stewing it with other meat and chili's would cover up the nasty bear taste.

Is swan better than goose? Crane hunting is legal here. And Crane is like steak.


Loin. Probably where I messed up was not trimming it more. Rather than being marbled like beef, it was a pretty lean steak with about an inch thick strip of fat on the outside. But I ate the fat too. Nice and juicy. Just hard on the stomach.


Grass finished beef in bulk is only about $4 a lb for all cuts, find a local cattle farm or butcher that sells directly to the public and buy a side or split side.


Swan? Hell no. It's good in soup...PERIOD. You know how when birds get older they get more gamy and harsh? Swans live 20+ years. They are cool because if you hunt you bring down something as big as a HUGE turkey but you have to slow cook/stew the thing. Anything else and it's inedible!


I recommend venison if you can get it. Almost every cut is amazing and it's ridiculously healthy. The protein and fat densities are perfect for a weight lifter, too.


Yeah, I eat a lot of venison. Awesome stuff. For burgers a mix of 50/50 venison/fatty ground beef is better than anything ever.


Goat? Not exactly exotic, but I was raised on it and find it delicious, especially when fried in olive oil with curry powder, onions, and sea salt (the trick is to boil it in until it is half down in a broth of peppers and curry first)


If you are looking for something different and tasty on this site, get some kangaroo.

Although it seems to be expensive like a motherfucker in the US compared to Australia (for very obvious reasons).


I had alligator (tail) recently. Pretty good. Really lean.


I strongly recommend Lamb's heart, and Mutton, as the former has enormous concentrations of CoQ10, and similarly Mutton has very high level's of L-Carnitine. Both enzymes are heavily involved in the anti-aging process.


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