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Exotic Carbs

So, I was sort of trying to get into this topic with the Yam thread, but I’ll make it a bit more broad-spectrum.

Does anyone here regularly eat ‘exotic’ carbs? A few years ago, this would have included quinoa, but now days that’s available everywhere. So, let’s include things like taro, amaranth, plantains (not that exotic but still not too common in the USA as a regular food item), tef, black rice, sorghum flour, or anything else the average public doesn’t even think to eat?

I’m curious from the perspective of avoiding gluten or corn, as well as searching for better nutritional profiles or just more interesting flavors. What exotic carb sources…or for that matter, exotic vegetables in general…do trainers here eat?

One thing I regularly use is gram flour (from chickpeas). I can make both thin crepe-like items with it, or heat up a cast-iron pan to make a north italian garbanzo flour frittata, to which can easily be added flax, various oils/fat sources, and makes an interesting meal addition for when you don’t feel like bread, rice, or potatoes – plus it’s incredibly easy to make and stores well in the fridge.

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