Exogenous Ketone Supplement. Doesn't Make Sense

Saw this advertised. I can’t figure out what they even claim it does. The only solid claim I could find was that it “gets you into ketosis faster”. They support this claim by saying that an hour after you take the exogenous ketones then the blood test and pee tests show ketones. Well I would hope so, that doesn’t exactly prove the supp forced your body into ketosis.

Anyone looked into this and have opinions one way or another? I can get ketones in my own blood stream for free by doing a PSMF or keto diet. It seems like a shady product taking advantage of gullible people.

They actually show great promise for various conditions such as cognitive decline. You should check some of the work by Dom D’agastino on this, even though he is affiliated to a supplement company.

I am a keto nerd and have 2 tubs at home. Had them for months and I’ve only used it twice as they’re expensive, not the holy grail, etc. However, they’re marketed as the holy grail and that is greatly misleading. It’s actually sad that a decent product is being sold as an ‘instant fix for ketosis’, which is patently false. Otherwise, it can be useful for performance, transitioning, etc.

I hope to give them a proper trial at some stage using PSMF with higher training frequency and volume than normally recommended on low calorie intake to see what it can do. Otherwise, I agree with you about generating ketosis through diet. I did blood test after one ingestion and got a 0.8mml ketone reading. Not deep ketosis, but to be fair that was also post workout and after ingesting whey. Recently I tested at 0.9mml after a few days on PSMF alone so it shows exogenous ketones, or even MCT oil and other supplement, are not required for significant ketosis. Just my thoughts.

Thank you. Will look into that guy. I know endogenous ketones must either be burnt or excreted once created in the liver. I imagine the same must be true of the supplement. So in theory I could see it helping people with insulin resistant brains (dementia/alseimers) or lethargy. I just got annoyed when I saw some guy hyping it to housewives and noobies as a fat burner and diet aid. Ketosis does blunt hunger… But it was over sold big time.

“Here, eat these calories! They burn fat!”

From my understanding, they blunt the hunger/brain-fog that one typically experiences in the time between going on a keto diet and getting your body keto-adapted. It’s the Keto-diet itself, and easier calorie-restriction that comes with not having carb-cravings/glucose-swings, that actually does the fat-burning. I may be completely off-base here, but thought I would give it a swing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a keto believer. I know that keto isn’t magic and is probably no better than a normal BB diet for fat loss. But it’s what works for me.

So the supplement helps the transition phase then… Okay. Too late for this cut lol.

There is actually a theory based on animal studies that exogenous ketones can directly contribute to fat burning by activating brown fat tissue. Similar animal studies also show they regulate appetite better, which obviously has a knock on effect on how much you eat. However, as things stand, I would still suggest it is misleading to market this supplement as a ‘fat-burner’.

That’s it in a nutshell. Sadly people get entrenched in camps where it must be one or the other. Here’s a classic example using athletes involved in glycolytic sports: (1) former Olympic champion Michael Phelps. He ingested a huge amount of calories coming from simple junk food but it worked for him. (2) former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury is currently back in training. He is going against the grain and following a targeted ketogenic diet. Why? Well, maybe given the fact he was 25st and probably had terrible health markers, including type 2 diabetes, it seems perfectly logical.

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Your Sports Energy System

Kurt Escobar, PhDc did a great presentation about three years at the Albuquerque Strength and Conditioning Clinic, sanctioned with the NSCA and NASM, the I have hosted since 2012.

Escobar’s presentation was on the Ketogenic Diet for sports based on the Energy System.

The “Snap Shot” is of Escobar’s presentation is…

Most Effective Keto

  1. Phosphagen Energy System Athletes

  2. Oxidative Energy System Athletes

Least Effective Keto

Glycolytic Energy System Ahtletes

Kenny Croxdale