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Exmetsane to Replace Arimidex?


I wanted some arimidex I can only get exmetsane, is this stuff OK to use in replacement of Adex? I have never heard of it.



It isnt as good... It is better than nolvadex and not as good ad the top level AI's - letro and arimidex.

Can you get letro? I use letro over arimidex. I have the choice too.


I actually would prefer aromasin over adex depending on what your cycle looked like. A-dex at least for me is the cheapest of the 3 AI's and A-sin is far and away the pricey-est and the rarest to find. A-sin does not have the effect on blood lipid levels that the other 2 have. I only used A-sin once but my experience was such that in my body I felt and had cholestrol numbers to verify, that A-sin was more agreeable for me than A-dex.

Having said that, on my current cycle I have A-dex as my AI. A-sin not available when ordering. Its not like A-dex isn't a good choice.

But yeah EE I'd have no worries at all picking Asin as your AI.


Shit, sorry EE i was thinking of Cytradren!


A-sin works a LOT better with Nolva than A-dex does, especially if you are using the two at the same time.


Really interesting stuff guys!


Why would you be using them at the same time?

I think exemestane is better than the adex - but it is way more expensive. Too expensive for most folks, it seems.


If that is in a part response to my post - disregard it, i was thinking of a different drug.


That's good news then, as I can get it for same price as adex.

Thanks very much for all the help guys I will go with the asin instaed



No problem, JJ.

Some people advocate using a SERM and an AI during traditional PCT's. Especially PCT's following HCG. We all know that nolva works great when run alongside HCG because of its affinity for binding at the breast/mammory tissue sites.


I am currently using Aromasin (Exemastane) as my AI during a cycle of test e 750mg/week, Tren e 300mg/week, Mast e 200mg/week and Tbol 50mg/day. So far I am starting week 4 and all is well. I am using a very low dose as well, 6.25mg/day.


did you mean 0.25mg?


No, the oral I am using is 25mg/ml. I am using 1/4 of a ml per day.


so the dosing protocol is not the same as with Adex then.

for example if you are happy to use 0.25mg E3D of adex, can you not replace that with 0.25mg of Asin?


Two entirely difft compounds and dosing Eales.

Most interesting is the much better affect on lipid values as has been pointed out.

And it can be found at reasonable pricing comparable to adex here and there.


Why is exemestane better than adex?


Lipid values don't get negatively impacted like they do with adex.


Oh nuts! I was of the impression the one could be used as a direct replacement of the other, nevermind it's off to google I go :slight_smile:

Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Oh nuts again!

Now I am reading 25mg ED is the reccomended dose, which means 50mg of Asin will lsat me 2 days, whereas 50mg of Adex lasted me 2 years and 6 cycles!

What a cock I am :slightly_smiling:


I thought that Aromasin was a different, slightly better AI than Arimidex but some very seasoned vets have told me that Aromasin is not a "true" AI like Adex, but to use it more like Proviron in an anti-E sense (not that they work in the same way).

Some will use Adex on cycle, and Asin while on PCT or the "statis" period of the Test Taper Protocol.