Exit Polls in PA

Were crappy. Not good at all. See: Pollster ; Irish Trojan in Tennessee:Don't trust the unweighted exit polls! ; http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YjhlYzZiYjRhNDI0YTMwYzAxMTQ0NWNhNTQyODc4ZGE=

The exit polls were all wrong in Obama’s favor. Just noting that for all of you ridiculous conspiracy theorists out there who base your ridiculous conspiracy theories about Republicans and Diebold on the validity of exit polls.

I worked the polls yesterday in my district. It was fascinating as usual.

We had a turnout of about 70% of what the Dems had in a district of approx. 1300 voters. We had 200 they had 280 in a solid Republican District. Overwhelmingly supporting Hillary from what I could tell listening to the conversations.

We had a registration desk set up to reregister Republicans who changed registration to vote for Hillary in the primary. We reregistered 42 people who participated in operation chaos. We didn’t support it at the district level but many of the voters did so we made it easy to come back.

Obama underperforms based on polls. Hillary overperforms. Hopefully both will underperform in the general election.