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Existing Gyno Coming Back on Adex with No Soreness/Pain?


I had gyno lumps last cycle which i reduced with letro off cycle but started new cycle and taking adex eod and and masterone but lumps coming back but with no pain swelling or soreness? Do i up my adex dose to daily or up mg eod? Take the nolva with adex for couple weeks? Advice please :slight_smile:


If you developed Gyno first cycle it means you are more of a converter of estrogen. Fortunately i have never had gyro issues, so I’m not too experienced, what is your adex dosage?


Done many cycles with no gyno mate then last cycle boom and .5adex eod mate


Thats shitty. yeah thats pretty standard its what i run. interesting there is no soreness r sensitivity. I suspect what may be happening is because Gyno tissue never really goes away unless surgically removed, the lumps you had before may have gotten suppressed and now are just “reinflating”. I would try running some nolva for a few weeks and see if that helps them shrink back down. if that doesn’t work or if you see it still getting worst up the adex as well. IF STILL nothing, I don’t know bro.


So drop adex and run nolva mate or run together? Yeah ive never heard of any one getting gyno but no soreness or pain mate :confused: wierd init


never drop adex. add in the nolva and se if it helps. if it doesn’t up your adex dosage.


I just upped adex mate atm see how get on just weird i never got no pain or soreness that normally comes with gyno, do you think could be prolactin related? With takinh deca?


Very well could be. Do you have access to any caber?


Yes mate i can is caber okay take with adex?


yeah they don’t interfere. right now I’m running 750mg sust 250 mg deca. adex .5 mg EOD caber .5 mg E3D


Def don’t drop the adex. Remember though that tamoxifen lowers the effectiveness of arimidex. So you might have to bump your dose up. Every time I pick my scripts up from the pharmacy they remind me that tamoxifen lowers arimidex effectiveness


Yeah mate i know this already thankyou :slight_smile:


Cheers bro and good luck. I have the EXACT same issue. I’ve had gyno removed once and it came back through low test and moderate tren


All good then ill order the caber bro :slight_smile: whats ya thoughts on clen on cycle of test deca abd mast? U think it wastes muscle or muscle stays as is and fat burns? Was only going do two weeks on at 30mcg a day week1 and week2 60mcg a day ???im 8% bf now mate and 82.4kg.


Its a pain in the arse mate ive never got it before up up untill last cycle even on aromasin with letro had puffiness and big ass lumps yet nothing solved it so had come off cycle early and pct and stayed off for 8months and did letro on and off till they shrank down enough then went back on cycle again and they started grow again slightly but no pain or out :confused:


My personal opinion is I don’t see a point running a cutting agent along with a water retaining/weight gain agent. If you want to remain muscle mass while cutting why not just run a cycle of test and tren? Anytime I run deca i just eat like an animal and try go gain as much mass as possible


Well i am doing 12weeks deca and test aam going run a 8week cycle of test 400 and tren a anyways mate strate after so bulk cycle to a cut for summer then pct and off for winter buddy :slight_smile:


Ive basically gained 17lbs in 6weeks and eat like fuck atm and stayed pretty lean with the mast in there and an ai keep water off im 8.3% bf but want gain another 7lbs and then cut on that whst u reckon i know its long cycle but i can have time off in winter to recover


What is your e2 level now??


Going have bloods done at end of 12weeks mate see where am at but id imagine not too high yet am 6weeks in n not holding much water and took adex amd mast all way through. I honestly get feeling gyno is prolacting related so ordered some caber and since upped my adex lumps havent got any bigger.