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Exhausted, No Drive to Train

I’ve been doing very intense workouts for the over the past year. I would train every single day and not allow myself to rest. I spent about 30 minutes running 15-20 minutes on abs and 30-50 minutes depending on what muscle group i was training for lifting. that was at my peak on the summer break of my junior year of high school. I am now a senior and Ive noticed a very huge difference.I went from being able to run 9 miles and walk it off like nothing to 2 miles and im waking up in the middle of the night because the pain is unbearable.

To be honest i can feel a difference just by standing and my knees buckle when i walk. I no longer have the drive to train and i am constantly exhausted. i still dont allow my body complete rest if my legs are in to much pain to run i lift for my upper body but i can no longer do that at least for a while. im not quite sure if this is correct but the doctors think i have tendentious on my upper body and both of my knees.

For the longest time ive been afraid to allow my body to rest thinking if i don’t exercise for one day ill wake up fat. It bothers me to not exercise and i start to twitch if i don’t exercise and i feel like shit. Im currently in my second day of full rest and i would like to know how much longer do i have to bear with this. Also will i ever be able to walk again without feeling pain

I stopped reading after this. This is why you have no motivation to train. You are depleted mentally and physically. Your body wants to rest because it needs to rest. You’re not impressing anyone by training every day and you’re putting yourself at risk for injury.

This does not align with the principles of biology.

Since it doesn’t seem like you’re training for any sort of competition, take a month off. At least. You have allowed and caused yourself to become mentally chained to the notion that you must train every day. Even if you recover physically, mentally you haven’t changed and you’re going to go back to doing the same thing and you’re going to have the same results.

Your routine sounds similar to what I did in high school for football after practice. 4-6 days/week for 5 months destroyed me, I took 3 weeks off before starting track, and I felt good again.

Final thought: You have nothing to gain from training this way, so stop. If you’re really worried that you’re going to wake up fat, look at your diet. Diet is what makes people fat, not training does not make people fat. There are plenty of skinny/slim people who don’t train.

Well, you have your experience and you seem to understand what has led to your current predicament. If that’s not enough to put you on a more sustainable path then I think you need more help than an internet forum can provide you.

Tendonitis will pass (with rest and rehab work). It may take months.