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Exersion Headaches

Wow, it started on Monday and I haven’t been able to workout since! Doing a set of incline DB presses and bam! Couldn’t do anything for about 10 minutes. After I grabbed my head in agony trying to gain my composure, I gathered up my things and humbly left the gym. Same thing happens during sex! Got checked out by the doc with a CT Scan and nothing big going on, just need to give it some time.

Question is for anyone that’s experienced these, how long did it take you to get back to the gym? Did you do anything to get back earlier? I read average time is three weeks, but I I’m already starting to have anger and depression problems from not being able to work out! Help!

This is usually caused by poor breathing and/or driving the back of the head into the bench. Plenty of lifters do this on the leg press too. I have never had to take more than a day off before returning to the gym. The rule is no gym; no sex…LOL.

I am no expert but a possibility is neck tension that might be helped by hot bath/shower, massage, accupuncture and evidently avoiding to repeat the cause.