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Exercising With The Flu

Is it OK to exercise with high intensity when you have the flu? If not, what exercises can you do to maintain your muscles?

Please keep in mind loss of appetite, lack of concentration, immune system stuff and other things when commenting.


No its counter productive, take some medecine go to bed and do nothing until you are well (except keep eating), the weights will still be there when are better.

I used to ‘be hardcore’ and still train when ill, bad idea… you’re jsut sick for longer, and end up doing more hamr then good. As the other guy here said, get some rest, you’r not going to loose all your hard work from one week off and having the flu.

If you can exercise, you don’t have the flu. Influenza brings you to your knees, you may have a bad cold or something. It’s better to just get better, though in either case.

I lift when I am a little sick, and it makes me feel a lot better. So if I have a cold and feel a little out of it, then I’ll still go in. I will not go in when I’m nauseated, dizzy when I stand up, have no appetite, dehydrated, etc. I would not go in if I had the flu.