Exercising with Tennis Elbow?

Hey all !

I have been training Greyskull LP and loved it, had great results.

Unfortunately, I developed tennis elbow this November and I quit lifting since then, hoping it would get better - it is a super slow process, and I have lost all gains and gotten a bit fat since then.

So time to hit gym again, obviously can’t exercise with the elbow, but need to do SOMETHING.

So Im thinking I can do:

  • stretching exercises
  • squats
  • back exercises

Any ideas, recommendations ? Perhaps your own experience to get me started ? Id hate to have to pick up jogging -_-

make a list of the exercises you can do without hurting your elbow. Perform the exercises on the list.

Meanwhile, do rehabilitative exercises for your elbow.

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Speaking from experience (I had tennis elbow for over a year). Get yourself a tennis elbow band, that goes on your forearm. You can find them on amazon. I was a big fan of the Mueller HG80 forearm band. It was cheap, comfortable, good material and most importantly, really helped alleviate the pain experienced in my elbow. I was actually able to continue to do whatever lifts I wanted, while wearing the band, with next to no pain. I used it on and off for about a year. My tennis elbow pain subsided after the year of use. I haven’t used them since and my elbows feel healthy.

From Mueller
“Our bands work by compressing the upper forearm and absorbing the forces which are transmitted through the soft tissues to the point of pain on the outside of the elbow. They also change the angle at which the tendon works at the elbow which changes the forces which are applied to the tendon attachment allowing the injured area time to recover”

In terms of exercise selection…just do whatever doesn’t hurt your elbow. Try to do your exercises with overhand grip or neutral grip whenever possible.

The exercises that caused me the most pain before I got the band; Anything underhanded (Chin ups, underhand lat pull downs etc), direct bicep/tricep exercises (Bicep curls, skull crushers etc), bench press. Avoid fat gripz, thick bars and once again an underhanded grip.

Lastly, go see someone about it. Rehab would be the most beneficial, and they’ll work with you on forearm soft tissue work.


Almost a year ago I experienced fairly serious elbow pain. I am currently pain free after rehabbing it. What worked for me was 1) rest 2) rehab exercises 3) taking lots of time warming up the elbows before any serious upper body lifts. I absolutely love light band push downs and band curls for this. On a side note doing lots of leg and back work could be a blessing in disguise… Best of luck

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One thing that helped me was super light cable curls and extensions with the rope supersetted together.

Like 3-5 sets with short rest periods of 15-25 leaving about 5 reps in the tank. Anyway, the idea is just to get a little bit of a pump going without straining at all.

You don’t have to do a particular tempo, just make sure that you control and own entire range of motion. Like you could stop or change direction easily at any point.

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I’ve had this for 4 years solid. Had cortisone injections, acupuncture and used the flex bar too. All to no avail.

Probably not helpful in any way however I’m used to the pain and just train through it. Exercises which really aggravate it, personally speaking, are chin/pull ups on a fixed bar and KB swings.

Funnily enough, mopping the floor is really really painful. More so than any exercise

Oh and by the way, don’t knock jogging. I ran the base building block from Tactical Barbell last year. It was probably the greatest training experience I’ve ever had in my life, mostly thanks to the jogging!

x2 with Fletch above

Do a 5/3/1 template with delaods and not such an aggresive progression scheme. Also apart from the above rehab work avoid single joint arm isolation moves for a few months and then add in sparingly

Try any/ all of these…


My problem was that my forearms were weak. Since I started training my grip more specifically and regularly, my elbow pain has subsided dramatically.

There’s also a couple of other things that helped.

With a rubber band or a few, wrap it around your fingers and just extend your figures out all the way and do many repetitions controlling it the whole time.

I found elbow sleeves in addition to the elbow band to be pretty helpful too.