Exercising with a Colostomy Bag

Hello to everyone. About 5 weeks ago I had emergency colon surgery. The sigmoid portion of my colon ruptured and needless to say I am very lucky. I was never diagnosed with diverticulitis and never had previous issues with other stomach issues. It was a FREAK incident. Doctors don’t know why it happened. Anyway. Before then I was and still hope to be (when I’m cleared) a workout aholic. I love to exercise. I even entered into the bodybuilding transformation competition. My starting weight was 265 the weekend before I got sick,8 weeks into the competition I was 241. Now because of surgery I’m down to 225. I feel like I have lost a lot what I gained! ANYWAY what do you guys recommend for returning back to exercising. I should be cleared for fitness activity in about another week or two. I just want to get my plan going so I can start to mentally prep before I start. Please help. Would love any suggestions!

Whenever I’m out of the gym for an extended period of time for whatever reason, the first most important factor for myself is easing back in to it. Your body will be weakened and not expecting an intense workout, so go easy for the first week (you’ll no doubt be very sore, even from lighter workouts than you’re used to). You may find that coming back from surgery it takes longer to recover from workouts as well because your body is still focused on completely repairing yourself.
Getting back in to routine properly and re-forming some habits that you may have put on hold will be very beneficial to streamline your results. Once your daily gym (and rest days) routine is back on track, start focusing on your diet and supplementation.
Personally, I’d first focus on protein consumption, then veggies, carbs and fats to follow.

Thanks for responding to my post. I really appreciate it. So easing back in to it. Should I take a week or so to do Body Weight exercises. Then into light weight room routines?

If you feel particularly weak, that might be a good idea. If you’re feeling rested and have gained your strength back I don’t see the need for taking it that slow - just keep the weight nice and low and don’t push yourself to failure.