Hello all,

I have a few questions to ask. I found that the program on this website mostly need to be done on a gym on a regular basis like the Delta 1250 (the exercises part of the program) or the T-Dawg program. Do you have any suggestion for me? I workout at home mostly with bench, dumbells, bowflex and a chin up bar but no cable exercises and dip including lat pulldown. CAn you guys help?
What will be a good substitute for dip, lat pulldown and tricep pushdown substitute?
Lastly, what program will be suitable for my condition?

Thank’s all

There are some ideas for home training in the Dawg School articles. There are four or five of them in the previous issues section of T-mag. The last one contains a program that uses only basic home equipment. Use bench variations, chin-ups, rows, and skull crushers to substitute those exercises mentioned. Most of your training should revolve around free weights. Consider investing in a squat rack. Read the “Stuff We Like” column (the last one posted) for help there. Good luck.

Buy the heaviest sledge-hammer you can find. Before every workout, pound away at that bowflex for five minutes. This should be a great warmup and may get your T levels back up there before you hit the bench and free weights.
If you don’t have much as far as heavy weights and you can’t afford to get more, try implementing the rep tempo schemes. This stuff makes lighter weights feel pretty damn heavy and you get the chance to really focus on the muscles worked. I don’t know your situation, but with some experience you’ll find that some of the best exercises simply require a barbell with some plates on each end.