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Hello guys, I need some help. I need descriptions of the following exercises:
Altitude Drops
Straight axe chops full extensions Jockey row
Subscapular chins
Plate shoulder rotations
Reverse Squat
Knee up/Reverse Knee up

Also, how can I replace chin ups/pull ups? I have only access to free weights and no chin up bar. I need an exercise that will train the same muscle groups or atleast the one tha is most simillar to the chin/pull up.

Thanks in advance for the help…


Is there anyone out there smarter than me that can help this guy? I’m just not familiar with these exercises.

Maybe try reposting in the powerlifting forum…those guys might be able to help you out.

for subscapular chins check out exercises 1 and 3 in the top 7 upper back exercises by poliquin

i think plate shoulder rotations are external rotations done holding a plate in each hand, so like the rotation stage of a cuban press/rotation, basically the same movement you do when using a shoulder horn.

correct me anyone if i’m wrong, but would a reverse squat not be a squat starting from the bottom position (so you get a concentric followed by eccentric phase)?

Exactly, liverbird!

& according to fred hatfield, altitude drops involve: “stepping off a box or platform from a height of 5 feet to 9 feet”. i think its just a more extreme version of the depth jump. if you search plyometric exercises on google or something you might find a better description or picture or something. hope this helps!

No pullup bar? Do you have a squat rack? You can use that.

It would help to know where you got this list.

(liverbird beat me to the subscapular chins ;-)) )