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Exercises Youve Never Tried

Hope I’m in the right place.
When’s the next exercises you’ve never tried article coming up? I wanted to suggest some exercises I added to my casual program/road program:

  • Snatch Grip Good Mornings (or Back raises or GH raises)
  • Snatch Grip Barbell Sit-ups
  • Pushup Straddle Jumps
    The second one might get some quizzical looks from the anti hip flexor crowd, but to a Thai boxer hip flexors require some strengthening. I felt that applying the multi-joint principle to them and the midsection is a logical step in training philosophy.
    The snatch grip good mornings are one of my “anti hunchback” exercises. Combined with the right stretches and assistance exercises it really works the upper back into the correct shape and helps correct posture. The stretches I use are hip flexor, lumbar, pec minor & major and subscap. Assistance exercises include some kind of external rotator work and basic rows with emphasis on lower/mid traps.
    I like to throw in Saxon side bends and some kind of twist, usually roman to balance the spine in the frontal plane.
    Sets and reps might be a bit higher for someone with postural “needs” such as a net nerd :). Endurance is a major postural issue after all.
    Hope this gets a look in. It’s fairly rough and open. Any q’s/comments?

Im lost on the snatch grip good mornings…

What does the width of the grip have to do with a movement that uses the back/posterior chain? I mean the grip really is only for balance of the bar is it not?

Not necessarily. It’s makes your upperback work along with your lower back. Go to CT’s forums (I believe) and find a vid of coolcoj doing them. They are pretty cool looking.

I’m confused about the snatch grip situps.

Probably the same as the difference in snatch grip deadlifts, I just read this topic recently when trying to find an answer to the exact same question:


any one tried snatch grip over head goodmornings?
like over head squat but good morning, obviously you need good sholder mobility.
i have used them for shoulder warm ups/flexibilty.

Use any grip you like but the snatch grip allows you to lock your elbows and keep the weight as far from the body as possible without tricep fatigue. With the situps I should’ve mentioned you have to fix the feet. Use an old decline ab board so you can stil pick the bar up off the floor if you train alone.