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Exercises You HATE


Doing lunges and step-ups this week and last, I realised how much I hate that kind of one-legged work. I always seem to run out of breath and lose my balance before I fatigue my muscles thoroughly, and the leg I work second always gets less of a workout! Seriously, when picking exercises myself, there are NEVER any lunges.

So, what are some exercises you guys hate?


Widowmakers and lunges.


Dumbbell pullovers.


Damn dude I luv pullovers. I hate ab machine work.


i dont do any exercises i hate

so i guess ill tell you the exercises youll never see me do


step ups

anything on a bosu

anything on a swiss

anything for obliques, like side bends

donkey calf raise



cable flys

front squats

DB rows

i think thats good for now.


I have tons, lol.

Lateral Raises
Bicep-pose-crossover-cable-curl-thing - seriously, what the hell is this called?

They are the only ones that come to mind right now.


bulgarian split squats......! argh!


word i hate lateral raises too

how gay is it to use 30s for lateral raises when i could use 60s for front raises.

i generally like the exercises no one else does

i like to squat, dead and bench

squatting is only not fun when you have to do more than 8 reps. those 20 reps are brutal. triples are fun cause theyre like rep numbers 5,12 and 18 of a 20 rep; only the last one is really bad.


i hate lunges but nothing gets my ass more sore

any ab exercise. calf raises.


i hear what your saying. I suck at unilateral leg work, and so many coach's here tell you to do the things you hate doing cause you'll get the best gains with those. however i am just not sure. Like you said i often will lose my balance with heavier weight, and if i use a lighter weight i really don't feel much muscle fatigue at all compared to when i squat. In the end though my goals all boil down to being big and i think getting strong is just going to come with the territory.

As for exercises i don't like, ill have to say dumbbell bench presses. its not that i don't want to do them, its that whenever i see a bodybuilder on you tube doing them he manages to keeps the dumbbells moving in a smooth flawless motion. when i do them with heavy weight i struggle to keep them from wobbling around on the way up and down. Not sure how to correct this to be honest.

Another thing i dislike is working your triceps with free weights. for some crazy reason i never really feel the pump and muscle fatigue i get when i work my biceps with free weights. which makes me feel like i am not working them as hard. i been thinking about switching over to cable exercises for the triceps but there are a ton of different variations not sure which to pick. Any suggestions on ones you guys tried and liked?


1-arm dumbell row.

it's harder to not fall over than to do them


I dislike dumbell rows as well.

However I will say that a few of the excersises I absolutely hate are:

Any kind of ab work (gotta do it though).


Good mornings


I like cable pullovers for the lats, but the dumbbell variations don't convince me.

Nice avatar.


I get frustrated/bored doing stuff like calf raises that aren't "major" lifts. Boredom and impatience are my worst psychological enemies, I don't think I really hate doing anything.


Those are atrocious to do. I also hate any ab or grip work, it's the most boring thing you can do.


I hate shoulder day. Everything about it. Except trap training. It feels good actually move some weight.


Lunges (surprise!)
effing front squats (gotta be done, but I suck hard at em)


there called high cable curls, as for hated exercises; walking lunges, decline bb bench, rope rolls( for forearms, feels like someones stabbing them), incline db flyes, ab rollers.


dips, pullups, lunges, floor press, box squats past 3 reps. barbell rows.


Lunges & Flys