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Exercises You Don't Do

Just curious what are some exercises that you don’t do (either never did them or had to stop)due to pain or other reasons.

For me, I don’t do dips (pain in the front shoulders) and I don’t do leg extensions. Seems like ever since I stopped doing leg extensions, the pain in my knee has lessened.

Decline Bench

Just don’t like 'em
Won’t do 'em

Stopped bench presses almost a year ago due to shoulder pain. After starting to regularly work my rotator cuffs, AND rear delts/traps I was actually able to bench pain-free about a week ago. Still not going to do it, though.

Leg curls! Waste of time, better of doing GHGR, SLDL.

Don’t do pull downs or use any type of machine that mimics movements I can do with free weights.

Leg curls! Waste of time, better of doing GHGR, SLDL.[/quote]

Same + leg extension. Still makes me laugh when someone tells me he is time efficient because he does leg extn & seated hamstring curl supersets to train his legs.

Olympic Lifts-the form is too hard o learn
Squats of every kind-bad for the knees
Deadlifts-bad for back
Overhead Presses-shoulder impingement
Pull-ups/Dips/Push-ups-machines are much safer

…This is what I would say if this was Bizarro world.

Bench. Shoulders are ill-designed. THey suck.

Squat. Every vertebrae in my back points at a different angle. Following Poliquin’s knee-fix tips, though, I’m starting to get close to doing front squats.


I pretty much don’t do any direct arm work. I also don’t do lateral raises, and I don’t really like bench presses but I do them, just for balance. Really I think there’s more exercises I don’t do than I do!

So, here’s a list of what I DO, in no particular order:

Squats, back, front, overhead, zercher and hack

deads, romanian and regular, regular overhand grip and snatch grip

rows, barbell, dumbell, upright and seated cable

military presses, push presses, power jerks, behind the head presses with barbell

chinups of all kinds


good mornings, regular and zercher

various horizontal type presses, always relatively close grip, elbows tucked

snatches, expecially power snatches and one arm barbell snatches


russian twists, saxon bends, side deads

and my favorite, rope pulls, tire flips and rock carries

Thats pretty much everything I do, if you ask me there’s enough possiblities there for a lifetime of workouts, minus things like concentration curls, kickbacks, etc.

Ehhhhh, what’s a Saxon bend?

Yeah, I’m ig’nant.

[quote]dond1esel wrote:
Ehhhhh, what’s a Saxon bend?

Yeah, I’m ig’nant.[/quote]

Hold weight directly overhead with straight arms. Bend to one side as if doing side bends. Bring torso back to vertical. Repeat.

Give 'em a try, they’re great for building stability in the torso and shoulders. Grab a light set of dumbbells to start, remember those weights are on the end of a long lever.


Overhead sqats.

F* they are a bitch.

My lower back aches like crazy! Maybe I should try and do them to improve flexibility…

What hurts you probably is good for you right? ^^

[quote] Grab a light set of dumbbells to start, remember those weights are on the end of a long lever.


Damn, you said it! The first time I did those a couple of ten pound weights took me for a ride. It’s a very humbling exercise.

And, I think I gleaned from Dr. Squat’s website or book years ago that you should put your opposite elbow up like towards you head when doing side bends, to prestretch the side abs. The saxon bend accomplishes this nicely.

In short, saxon bends rule. I like lowish reps, like 3-5.

I also like to twist from side to side with the bells overhead, I feel like it does as much fro the shoulder girdle as for the torso musculature.

I’ve never quite been able to do good mornings or overhead squats properly; I have horrible flexibility.

clean or powerclean.

my balls get crushed on triple extension.

i rock at snatch and powersnatch tho.

Vertical rows - always hurts my shoulder

Full depth squats - I go down halfway cos I have prbs with my illiotibial band.

Heavy good mornings - I think dudes who go for 3RM on these are nuts!

And after re-reading cressey’s latest article I’m seriously rethinking any kind of exercise that puts excess load on my spine. Disc impingment doesn’t sound good.

So deadlifts, barbell shoulder press and standing calf machines are being reappraised at the mo.

My sister did a “judo throw” on me when I was, like, 7 (she was 16). My right collarbone broke, and never set right. Dips of any kind and barbell front raises (or plate raises) are out of the question.

Oh, and Jumping Jacks. I just can’t do them and still feel like a fitness professional. They give me a very un-Testosterone-ish vibe.

Leg curls! Waste of time, better of doing GHGR, SLDL.[/quote]

Don’t agree, I throw them in once in a while for a change, 5-6 sets for 4-6 reps. Push your hip down and try to lift the knee off the bench at the top. Try that way and they work (for a change only)I normally do GMs and SLDL for hams so there I agree with you.

I don’t think we should that ANY exercise is useless, used at the right time the right way we can benefit from even “useless” exercises. Even kick-backs can come in handy sometimes :wink:

Stuff I can’t do are Press behind neck and dips, got screwed up shoulers. Squating to parallel is also a problem, have to squat deep otherwise I get “sore” knees.

I agree with Mr. Moose here.

Leg curls can be an ok alternative.

The way the guy showed me is to have to get your shoulders higher than your hips to make this most effective.
Instead of laying face down–face on the machine–you actuallyhold your torso up by putting your forarms on the machine to elevate your head and shoulders above your hips. This makes it much harder to touch your heels to your ass. By pure physiology it also keeps your hips down and stable so you can’t rock and throw the weight up. It actually turns it into a nice ex. and good ham supplement.

Lunges - I just don’t like them; I will do step-ups, though.

Otherwise I think I do some variation of everything else at least once in a while.

Oh, wait…Tire Flips. I don’t do those either. But only because I don’t own a tire.