Exercises Without Hands?

Hello CT, I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel and will likely need surgery on both wrists. I saw you doing Zercher front raises and I was wondering if you had some other cool upper body exercises without hands in stock. Thank you!


Figure 8 Straps let you “hold” barbells and machine handles without actually gripping it with your hand. The grip security is double edged tho because you can’t disengage from the bar easily so pick exercises accordingly.

Some gyms have a cable attachment that straps around stuff e.g. your wrist. It’s the one that insta fit models use for their glute kick backs. With this you can do curls, flyes etc. limited only by your imagination and ingenuity.

As for actual exercises machines are probably going to be your best friend. Some machines are already purpose built e.g. pec dec and lateral raise. With some imagination and willingness to do weird looking things in the gym machines you can use other machines as well e.g. lying hamstring curl = bicep curl with forearms on the pads.

It may be a parody but still:

Smith Machine could be handy as well tho I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

Woaw thanks for the answer that’s really helpful! I’ll definitely check these straps, already saw guys in the strongman forum saying they were awesome.

Alas I don’t have many machines, but yeah I think I’ll be the first guy in the gym to use the SSB squat (and many times!)

Damn these leg curl biceps, genius ahah! Thanks again

Zercher shrugs,
Zercher front raise
Thib pulldown (needs abs straps)

Thank you coach!

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