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Exercises with Wrist Wraps?


I just bought some wrist wraps and I was wondering about a list of exercises to use them on. Is it just all pressing exercises? Any thoughts?


EDIT: I can't read it seems...


He said wrist wraps, not wrist straps.

I only use them when I have a lot of pressure on sore wrists. Example, heavy low back squats. Bench pressing, or any other pressing with a sprained wrist is not comfortable and cant be healthy for the wrist.

If you don't have discomfort, don't use them. You don't want them becoming a crutch.


In what way would they become a crutch?


they wouldnt.

unless you compete in a powerlifting federation which doesn't permit them. but you probably dont.


As an example, if you used it for all pressing movements, including warm ups, you might be hesitant to go up in weight or even do the same weight if you forget to bring them to the gym your next pressing workout.


Most people buy wrist wraps as a result of having wrist pain during a certain exercise. I'm not sure why you bought the wrist wraps first, then tried to figure out when to use them :slight_smile:

I use them for most barbell overhead pressing variants, as I'm worried about my wrists snapping back and dropping the bar on my dome. I have used them in the past on Close Grip Bench Press and for heavy (1-3 rep) flat bench press. Two reasons: 1.) it alleviates some of the pressure and 2.) I don't want to 'miss' a near max-lift because my wrists couldn't handle it.

Also, this:


theyre not all that comfortable to wear anyway from what ive heard (as ive never used them myself) but generally i think theyre better used to help with joint pain/inflammation


I've blown tendons/ligaments in both my wrists before so it hurts when I hammer curl.
I use them primarily for that and heavy pressing movements. Otherwise i'm fine. Hope
that helped. I donno why you'd buy them unless your wrists/forearms have been injured before.
If you're using them as a crutch and you think it'll increase your #s, it's better to not use them.


Anytime you use an aid to support weight or stress your body would have otherwise had to cope with and adapt too, it becomes a crutch eventually. Usually to the point if you ever have to do the lift and find yourself without the crutch, I cannot function effectively.
I am probably tearing the lid of a can of shit, but the belt is the most overused crutch in all of lifting. My thoughts have always been, if the supporting muscles are not strong enough to lift it, you are not yet strong enough to lift it

(But don't tell anyone that I still use straps on my latter sets of deads.)


I wrap my wrists any time I do any heavy pressing...but I have weak wrists and I have to or I get pretty severe pain in them. Especially my left wrist, which I pretty much shattered back in 7th grade...I can't even rotate the left wrist fully supinated without pain with or without weight in the hand.


I'm with Josh on this one. I have been using wraps for the last two weeks with my pressing movements. Plus if I wear them over my small-ass wrists then my straps fit properly rather than hanging loose. Damn my parents for the shit genetics they gave me.


Just use your wraps for any exercise that you need to be doing but are held back by wrist pain.

I literally can't do bicep curls because i destroyed my right wrist doing something stupid in the gym. And after

several years of frisbee my right wrist sounds like a cement mixer when i twist it.

I use wrist wraps for all of my bench pressing and heavy squats (which sounds weird but they were killing me).

It's all about injury prevention..


I got some a few weeks back, and love them. Although I have yet to use them on OH press, they work great when benching. The weight feels alot lighter in my hands.

I tried them once for squatting, and I dont rest the bar very low on my back, so they didnt help at all :slightly_smiling:


I don't know why I would wait for an injury to try to prevent one. Same reason why I wear neoprene elbow sleeves. I have small wrists. Small wrists get hurt more easily.


I agree with the not waiting for a problem; try to prevent it. If your in it for the long run, aches & pains are part of the journey. As far as belts, wraps, straps, braces, etc. becoming a crutch.....I view them as tools. That being said, many lifters over use them.


I really don't think you know what you are talking about. You're kidding with the "small wrists get hurt more easily" line, right?

You are making too big a deal out of how and when to use lifting gear. Sleeves, wraps and straps have their place but are not mandatory pieces of equipment.

Use them if you have wrist pain, assuming the wrap directly helps in alleviating the pain by allowing your wrist to heal. If you don't have pain there is no reason to use them. Your grip strength will improve as you get stronger which will allow you to keep your wrists neutral, thus avoiding an injury that would require wraps.


i didn't use them until my wrists were so banged up I couldn't press without them. now I use them for all my working sets over 275. I also use my belt in much the same way, though I havn't injured my back. anything over 315 gets the belt. keep in mind I didn't do a belt OR wraps for the first 5 years that I trained.


You know, you're one of the more respected posters here, imo, but after reading this post, I think YOU are the one who doesn't know what they are talking about.

Wrist wraps increase the area of your wrist. There is a marked difference in one's ability to hold a bar in the proper position when your wrist is as wide (from the side) as the bar as compared to a much larger wrist. Wearing wraps helps a lifter keep the bar in the correct position ABOVE rather than BEHIND the wrist. Ever seen someone break their arm benching when a weight gets behind their wrists? I have.

I know a guy who can hold onto 900+ lbs for full range deadlifts who wraps his wrists to bench. Of course, I guess that means he just has lagging grip strength, right?


You're talking about someone benching singles and I'm not. I have a feeling the guy you are talking about is benching 500+ pounds. I don't think the OP is. I think that the amount of weight is a relevant piece of information.

I do not think that wrist wraps are a necessary tool for a bodybuilder, save for the heaviest sets where wrist fatigue may put the lifter in a compromising position. If someone is benching 185 pounds and they can't keep the bar above their wrists my recommendation would not be to add wrist wraps. I have no problem admitting that I know much less about powerlifting than you do, but since this is the bodybuilding forum I am going to have to stand by my advice. IMO the OP sounds like he is looking for reasons to wear all of this shit rather than having a reason and searching for a remedy.

For the record, I dislocated my wrist playing baseball a long time ago and use wraps when I need to. Usually just on machine dips and close grip pressing