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Exercises with Spinal Injury


I injured my spine in a pool today. I can't bend my back in the middle at all, it localized in one vertebrae. I'm also a hemophiliac, so recovery will take a hell of a long time.

This is just awful because I'm a guy who loves a grueling squat workout, from singles to widowmakers. I've gone to the hospital once to get my medication and some morphine (yay!), then I go to my specialist tomorrow to find out just how bad the damage is.

So I've got to brainstorm for exercises with possibly zero spinal loading. Goddamn this is aweful, I just started gaining weight.

Goblet squats with a dip belt are the only thing I can think of for legs, outside of leg extensions and leg curls. Chins and pull-ups will cause me to arch my back, so they're out the window. Overhead pressing is out. Benching is probably out.

Y'know what, I think I'm just fucked until this is over.

Vasily Alexiev said you haven't trained until you've trained after coming back from an injury.
I guess this will test my resolve.


Give your self few days of rest. You can find here many posts about spinal injury. First rehab, then anything else...


I'd normally suggest swimming. But it sounds like that didn't work out too well for you.


Just curious as to how you injured yourself doing an exercise/ sport that has almost zero resistance? Did this occur out of the water? Slipped on the deck perhaps?


So, went to the hospital today, I have some internal bleeding into one of the tiny joins around my vertebrae. They don't suspect there is danger to my spinal cord (yay!). I'm off work for at least a week, out of the gym for god knows how long. I have to really take my time, as with previous injuries I have rushed back to everyday life and now have painful arthritis because of the damage the blood does sitting in my joints.

Thank god for squats and deadlifts though. There would be no way I could walk without strong erector spinae to hold everything together since I can put zero pressure on my spine.


I dove under and hit my chest on the bottom of the pool, hyper extending my back. There may have been some beer involved in my clumsiness.


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This is the exact prognosis the Dr. gave, you're one smart guy BBB.
Can't find alflutops on ebay though. Is this a prescription product? I googled it and found alot of 'Buy alflutops RX free!' ads.


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