Exercises Which Can be Substitute for Physical Work

Hi CT,

I am currently doing a FullBody workout 3 days a week. I also go for a 30 minute morning walk and have a sedentary life style beyond that. I got my blood test’s done recently and have found bad cholestrol levels :

  1. HDL 33
  2. Total Cholestrol : 180
  3. LDL 140
  4. Total cholestrol/HDL Ratio : 6

The Doc has asked me to add more work to my routine and some cardio days which looks impossible to me because of my work schedule.

I plan to do some home workout every morning. I am also not a big fan of Cardio and would want to use an exercise with weights which I can do everyday without fatiguing my CNS and my gains. I was thinking that of picking up a couple of exercises that I could do almost 15 minutes every morning with light weights.

Please suggest.


Is that what do you think similar to metcons?

Christian, do you think kettlebells would be light enough on recovery to work? I wanna know what you think but I would do kettlebell swings or something like that in the poster’s case.

I’m sure you have better advice though.

CT, any comments here ?

[quote]abhi152 wrote:
CT, any comments here ?[/quote]

Honestly any compound movement done with light weights, moderate reps and short rest intervals would do. I do like KB swings using something intervals like 30 sec of work/30 sec off… barbell thrusters can also be used 5 sets of 15 reps with 1 minute of rest with a light weight, etc.