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Exercises to Supplement Jerk


I have been lifting for about a year and a half. I'm 16, 215 pounds, and my best lifts are a 98 snatch and a 126 clean and jerk.

I lift 5 days a week.
Mon: Snatch, Back Squat, Assistance Exercises for posterior chain
Tues&Fri: Upper Body
Wed: Mobility and Agility
Thur: Clean&Jerk, Front Squat, Assistance Exercises for posterior chain

However, my jerk has started to suck. What are the best exercises to supplement the jerk? or is just performing more jerks the answer I'm looking for? Thanks in advance.


My jerk is no stronger than yours so don't take what I say as fact, but I know that my jerk improved when:
1. I did it more, including jerks from the behind the neck as supplemental exercise
2. More shoulder pressing and push pressing, moreso of strict pressing.

Thats what helped me. I still miss jerks sometimes of course.

I guess my jerk is stronger because I weigh less, but I would wait for some f the more experienced guys to speak before doing anything drastic with you training.


I would say you're probably better off working on your dip/drive and speed under the bar (ie more jerking) than your strength (pressing and such). Although that suggestion is relatively uninformed, going off no video and nothing more specific than "my jerk is starting to suck".


If you get stronger midsection (and legs), your clean is going to increase too. So I think that the things that separate the clean and jerk are a) leverages (arm length etc) b) pressing strength and c) technique. Two of those you can work on. In my opinion, people most often underrate the importance of pressing strength in the jerk.


pressing strength in the jerk is close to useless IMO I personal train with a lifter who has clean and jerked 180 and never done a military press over 105 kgs. My best strict standing press is only 80kg for a single, but i have jerked 150 from the racks.

Their was also a Bulgarian lifter in the 70s who clean and jerked somewhere in the range of 215-225 (cant remember) and apparently only had 11 or 12 inch diameter arms.

the arms should be relaxed in the jerk and are basically just there to hold the bar once the drive gets the bar moving up and pushes you down.

not saying that pressing is a bad idea, but i think its more injury prevention then an exercise that i would expect to actually put kgs on my jerk.


I agree with tork pressing has limited application to the jerk itself. Strong shoulders are important and you should do presses and push presses but just because those numbers go up don't expect the jerk to go up. There are plenty of faults with the jerk and it depends on what you're struggling with but rack jerks and behind the neck jerks can help. Personally I like front squat/jerk combos such as 2 or 3 front squats followed by a jerk working up to something fairly heavy.


Alright this gives me some pretty good stuff to work with. Thanks everyone.