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Exercises to Strengthen and Tighten Upper Trapezius?

My left trapezius is soft and and long, whenever I flex my traps my left one is just not showing as much and its soft , I think its been stretched and overused overtime because I use to do racquet sports with my left arm. Anyone know what excersies I have to do to strengthen it and tighten it? I tried looking my self for some information but its really vague, nothing specific for my problem, any help would be greatly appreciated

Try some exercises to tighten up the loose stuff Under your traps (little rotator cuff/posture muscles) to get your shoulder positioned correctly, then some shrugs with a hold at the top to slow things down and focus on contracting your trap. Then some shrugs or rows with an overhand grip with real weights.

Like a little activation/warm up

External rotation move x 15-20
Internal Rotation move x 15-20
Dumbbell Shrug with 2 count hold x 12-15
3-4 rounds

Don’t rush through this stuff or BS it. Use these moves to relearn how to get your shoulder “tight” and get your traps to really contract properly.

Once you’re lined up right, get strong.

Bent rows or T- Bar Rows or Chest Supported Rows or Standing Barbell Shrugs or Chest Supported Shrugs x 6-10 reps x 3-4 sets

Then a 2nd exercise, different from the first one x 8-12 reps x 3-4 sets

I’ll try

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You’ve got guts!

I had the same symptoms and it was due to a rotator cuff injury. It meant my pec and trap were over tight to compensate for my weak rotator cuff.

To fix this I did external and internal band exercises 3 x day for 3 weeks. 20-50 slow reps. As my rotator cuff got stronger my traps and pec eased up.

This was all guided by a physio by the way.
Hope that helps.

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