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Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Dislocations


Hey everyone. I’m in search of some band exercises to help my wife with her shoulder dislocation. It’s happened to her before so she is slightly prone to having it pop out, but it only happens every 5-6 years so we’re not at the surgery stage yet. I’m in search of some exercises she can do to strengthen the area to maybe at least reduce the potential for it to happen.

My research keeps producing rotator cuff stuff so now I’m wondering if face pulls and the like 2-3 times a week with bands would be a good program?

If anyone has any exercises suggestions or links to specific exercises or routines that we be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


Is it caused by weakness in a specific part of the shoulder musculature or what? If that’s the case, just strengthening the muscles with side raises, front raises, overhead presses, Cuban presses, ‘innies’ and ‘outies’ etc. with band resistance could do the job.

I’d recommend consulting a physician who works with athletes. They tend to know their way around correcting stuff like this through exercising better than regular physicians without sports background or involvement.


Thanks for the reply. She’s always had this issue with her kneecaps and shoulders. Had a few instances about a decade ago where her kneecap would pop out to the side with hardly any force needed, her shoulder does the same. It’s not so frequent that surgery is needed but maybe a co suit with a proper dr is in order. Thanks!