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Exercises to Do with Bad Rotator Cuff


Ok I've damaged my infraspinatus at the superficial distal end, which is a front bit of hte rotator cuff lol... (I fail the arc test...)

What kind of exercises can I still undertake?

I'm just doing rehab work for it (rotations)
one legged squats
and bb bent rows...

Im getting stuck... What about deadlifts?

or db one arm rows?

I obviously don't wana risk making it worse but I wana keep up hte training as much as possible, any ideas would be great thanks :slight_smile:

Oh and what about scapulae work like scap push ups?


So, itโ€™s just a partial-thickness tear near the humeral attachment, then? You should prob. ask a sports medicine practitioner or a good physical therapist about it. I ignored mine and turned it into full-thickness, and now my resulting tendonitis limits my workouts. I donโ€™t know if anyone here would be qualified to tell you definitively.