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Exercises to Combat Scoliosis


My fiancee has a low level form of scoliosis, i was wondering if there are any specific exercises which can help straighten the spine allowing her to stand straighter..


depends on where the scoliosis is and to what degree. Paul Chek recommended the reciprocity shrug here at T-Nation. Stand next to a cable machine with the high cable handle in your right hand and a dumbbell in your left hand (Figure 2-A). The load on the cable machine need not be greater than 40% of your max and the load in the left hand should be about the same; if the load is too great, stabilizer activation will block joint mobility.


In the late 80s or early 90s, one of the top female bodybuilders stated that she started training to help her scoliocis.


I would look into yoga. You'd need to find a fairly advanced teacher and....well iyengar yoga would work, not sure about other kinds.


I have a low level form too. If I stand straight, you can see that one of my shoulders is a few centimeters lower.

They always told me to strenghten my abs and lower back.
I had use benefits from core exercises and lifting in general (like deadlifts for my lower back).


I am thinking I will have to ease her into the training because when she pulls her shoulders back to stand up straight it starts to hurt after a few minutes, I am assuming this is because she has never really had straight posture. I currently have her doing a full body workout twice a week, about 7 exercises, no real isolation moves. I have here doing ab and back exercises, like someone had stated, I hope they help.


Great that you help her. That's sweet :slight_smile:
Every scoliose is different, but lifting really helped me. I never have pain anymore. A full body workout with lot's of compound movements sounds good. Just be careful that she uses good form.


If anyone here discovers anything else about training for scoliosis, it would interest me greatly. I am not sure if I have scoliosis or not, the doctor did not notice it until I was around sixteen, so it is very minor if I do have it. It doesn't seem to have affected my strength any if I do have it. I would appreciate any information anyone has.


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I thought a scoliose is not caused by a leg length difference. If you have a scoliose, you can see it on back scan pics. My legs etc. are measured and they are the same. On the X-ray of my back, you see an S-curve in it. That's why my shoulder is a little lower.
You can't "fix" it, only try not to make it worse. It developed as a puber (also around the age of 16), genes often have something to do with it. Both my parents have it too.


Scoliosis is idiopathic. As in unkown orign of cause. 90% is idiopathic.
Others include genetics, gender and malformation of the bones.


my cousin has scoliosis, it is really noticible on his back.

The best thing is that you find a gym membership and find a pool, swim about 3 times a week all year...it should help realax and fix your back problems also it will tone your muscles.