Exercises To Avoid After Surgery?

Getting back into benching and delt work again after rotator cuff surgery. I was wondering what exercises you guys stopped doing because of the surgery?

You need to ask your surgeon

[quote]edd91 wrote:
You need to ask your surgeon[/quote]

Not necessarily. Doctors are good at what they do but that hardly makes them the best to ask for workout advice.

I’d say see what your physical therapist says and then if possible get a second opinion.

Believe it or not, orthopaedic surgeons know about exercise. Family doctors dont, but these surgeons do. Each surgeon has a different recovery protocol depending on their surgical technique and personal preference.

You need to ask your surgeon

Maybe I should re-phrase my question. For the people that have had rotator cuff surgery, what excercises do you not do now that you had always done pre surgery.

Also, are there exercies that you are afraid to do now or that you deem unncessary for you shoulders now you have experienced surgery, maybe even if it is even a different outlook on that body part(strength, size, etc).

My surgery was 10 months ago and I follow my surgeons advice already. Just curious to what others may have done to change their routine after surgery.