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Exercises: The Forgotten Lateral Heads

Hey fellow T-women and T-men. I need to add an effective exercise that isolates or thoroughly works the lateral head of the triceps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot!!

I understand that the recruitment of the lateral head of the tris occurs with high weight, some call it the lazy head. I hadn’t any feeling about this going in, but my experimentation agreed with this. I cringe at the 5pm exercise physiologists and the certified in 2 day personal trainers at the gyms with their “to isolate the outside of da tri’s, use a rope and spread it at the bottom like this” then they proceed to show this BS. First, IF the lateral head were truly recruited moreso than the medial head to any great degree, then wouldn’t the natural tracking of the elbow get screwed up. If DOMS were a good indication, (questionable) then when I narrowed my grip on the incline bench to just a hair narrower than shoulder width with heavy weights, I came to realize how to get some work done for the lateral head.
I really wanted to prioritize my triceps, and with this result, I was able to prioritize without neglecting my other body parts.

See issue #48 and check out “Question of Strength” by Charles Poliquin. Hope this answers your question.
(Joey Z.)