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Exercises That Won't Pull Stitches

well went to the dermatologist yesterday to get a mole removed from my lower back and today is training day however I’ve been told that I can still lift weights as long as it doesnt pull at the stitches, the stitches are about 1-2 inches above my ass crack for reference lol…so what exercises can i do that wont pull on my stitches?

wedsnesday workouts usually look like this

deadlift or front squats
incline barbel bench
lat pull down
bent over rows
leg press

now I’m assuming that deadlifts,bent over rows and leg press are out because they will apply some form of pressure on the stitches, can anyone give me some ideas on what i can do?


I had two moles removed on my shoulder blade and one on my upper arm, all three were cauterized and lifting didn’t affect them much.

Try the ROM and see what happens.