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Exercises Similar to Chinup/Pullup?


Can anyone advise me of what other exercises can I do in place of a chinup/pullup, but does the same job, as i dont have access to a pull up bar.



lat pulldowns


Unfortunately i have no access to a machine for that, I only have a bench with barbell and hopefully getting some dumbells soon.


Not really. Unless you have access to a lat pull-down machine which is the ugly, fat stepsister to the pullup. And if you have a pull-down machine you should sell it and get a pullup bar.

A tree branch will substitute nicely for a pullup bar. Or a rafter. Extra points for creativity


Thanks palindrome, ill make a plan for a pull up bar.


I'm sorry I was a little snarky here, as it appears that you were not asking for a substitution because you couldn't do them, but because you just didn't have a bar.

Anyways, keep your eyes open for something. You might have to run down to a playground somewhere to find one. Whatever. Don't let your lack of equipment be a hindrance for you to get stronger. Find ways around the obstacles placed in front of you. There are more kinds of strength than lifting heavy weights. Good luck!


No worries mate, im totally new to the gym world, so im like trying to get the best beginner routines as possible and so confused as there are so many, dont really know which ones to choose. Too much of a wide range. lol. But im so amped to actually starting to gym. Hey if you have any routines please send them my way.



Looks like your stuck with barbell rows. Unless you have $11 dollars to make your own with stuff from lowes.


Ill make a plan one way or another, Thanks man