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Exercises Outside the Gym

So my gym membership expired last week and I’m not going to be renewing the membership since I get access to a free gym at school which I’ll be moving into my house sometime next week.

I went to Modell’s and bought the multi-bar (you do pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) with it. It hangs from the top inlet of your door. It’s pretty cool.

Aside from that I’ll be doing variations of push-ups throughout the day.

What other exercises can I do to help me maintain some muscle? I remember reading some military exercises that involved 50lb sandbags and maybe even kettle balls. I’m not too familiar with exercising with these things, so any ideas until I get back to the gym?

Had a buddy in high school. This was many years before any of my friends (or myself) discovered weight training. He would alternate days of doing a few hundred pushups, with days of performing a few hundred chins, with days of running hills or stairs. Was damn solid.


handstand push ups, single leg squats, pull ups.