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Exercises in The Book of Muscles?

ON monday i am going to start on the beginner’s program from Ian King’s book “the book of Muscles”…i did the program before but i stopped but now im going to start it again.

I just have a question on on of the exercises called the dumbbell bench step… i dont know but i dont really like that exercise, and the block that i used was very low not that much maybe like 8 or 9 inches of the ground.

I was wondering if i can use an alternate exercise like dead lifts or squats, to still enphasize on the hamstrings, and gluteals, and since i want to get alot of gains i’ll do dead lifts and/or squats??

Also now that i am here talking about the exercises they do have alot of exercises in the first stage like thin tummy, curl up, cheat up+slow lower, and push up holds, but i was wondering if i can get more exercises in the program.

Also im pretty skinny but im still gaining mass, but would doing like 500 crunches but splitting that to crunches, v sits, side raises, is that good doing that many or is it to much??

Yes you can. I have that book somewhere. If I recall, he calls for the use of deadlifts in the more advanced routines, but you can substitute there if you’re up to it. Deadlifts with challenging weights are going to develop your hams / glutes very well.

Step ups are still good though, so don’t rule them out altogether just because you have a low step - you can always use a wooden chair (much higher and more challenging, so bodyweight only might be good enough), just make sure you don’t give yourself a “push” with the non-working leg.

Perhaps - it depends upon your level of fitness. Fit people can do more, unfit people have to do less. It sounds like you’re failry new to strength training, and being as you’re not a “Fat Bastard”, you would do well by doing a few exercises really well rather than risking doing too many quite badly. I personally didn’t like the exercises in “The Book Of Muscle” either, so after I had practiced some of the techniques, I used some of the programs on here - I’ve just finished The Waterbury Method (click this link to read it - http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=534922 ).

You will see in this articel that Chad Waterbury suggests just a few exercises too, but his focus is on the compound movements - ideal for building strength and muscle. There are HUNDREDS af articles on here that will detail other programs you could try - you are likely to make good gains will just about all of them, given where you are now.

Way too much. 500 crunches is an endurance exercise (and a complete waste of time in my mind). Doing DIFFERENT ab exercises is a good idea; doing compound moves that fire up your abs is even better (lift a weight up high, especially over your head, and your abs will work really hard to keep you from falling over - useful and challenging; what the heck is 500 crunches of any use for?).

Click on the articles link and spend a few hours reading - this site contains a wealth of information that you won’t get from a commercial book designed to meet the needs of the “masses” (read: suitable for very unfit slugs who don’t know a dumbbell from a dumb-self). Good luck!