Exercises I Can Do w/ Wrist Tendonitis?

I am currently experiencing inflammation in the tendons that are at the base of my thumbs. I’ve had this injury before, and know how painful it gets when I ignore it. So this time around I took a month off any sort of lifts while wearing a wrist brace. Now the pain is largely gone, but it still hurts when I put any real load onto my thumb.

This basically means that I can now do dead-lifts and squats (provided that I do not use my hand for support, so low weights), but I cannot do OHPs or BP.

So, my question is- Is there any exercises or lifts that work the shoulder but places little stress on the wrist? I’m guessing the answer is no, but I’d like to ask anyways.

My shoulder has always been the smallest part of my body, and the month I took off has already gotten rid of whatever mass gains that I’ve made. I’d like to restart, even if at a low weight.