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Exercises Great for Golf

Hey there I am a pro golf instructor. I was wanting to incorporate a weight lifting program into my schedule. Does anyone have any recommendations on exercises, rep schemes, volume of work, etc. I really need the help. My main concentration is increasing my driving distance. Thanks for any responses.

Full-contact twists & squats would be great for golf. Those full-contact twists are good because they create so much rotational strength & power. Check them out here www.testosterone.net/html/body_96ab.html

search for evil russian here and look at full contact twists.

What about woodchops and using medicine balls and simulating a golf swing with them and throwing them as far as possible?

Instead of a medicine ball, try a beer keg. That way you can add weight. Set up a rope about chest or waist height & throw it over a bunch of times. That would work good.

Read all the Paul Chek articles.

You may want to try lifting heavier weights in a lower rep scheme as you are looking for strength and power (especially for drives) more so than muscular endurance. I agree with the squats recommendation. I’ve heard the power cleans are good exercise for almost any sport. Abs and lower back exercises are also important.
For programs you may try a 5x5 program. But remain flexible.

Paul Chek has something on his site about “golf conditioning”. Go to www.chekinstitute.com

I have recently come to the conclusion that Renegade Training is the way to go for golf, the combination of flexibilty, core work and power movements are what is required to move the club at the speed without causing injury. Plus there is a carryover from the mental application required.