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Exercises for the Muscles that Control Neck Angle?

when i stand, my head/shoulders/feet dont line up like normal peoples… my neck is kind of angled forward which gives me a slouched appearance.

I can compensate for this by tilting my head up, but it doesnt feel natural (kind of feels like i have to look down with my eyes to adjust), plus i have to conciously maintain this… what could i do to exercise those muscles that pull the head back? is it the trapezius? and would building those muscles even have this straightening effect im looking for?

sorry for the bad photo

Exercises such as the Voyer Shrug (explained in one of the Neanderthal No More articles) and snatch grip rack pulls will help.

However, ongoing effort in daily life to hold posture as well as possible – regardless that it doesn’t feel natural – makes more of a difference than such exercises will. It is inherently a slow process.

But several months of being serious about this should yield quite noticeable improvement, with further improvement occurring with yet more time if you stick with it.

Also strive to notice and correct those instances where you habitually crane the head even more forward. Common examples are when driving or using the computer.

A major help can be in noticing yourself in TV screens where security cameras show people in line, etc. They provide a reality check that neither the mirror nor your “feel” does.

It’s very unlikely that anything that doesn’t have your chin pointed in the air is actually going to be an overcorrection. A given “I’m pulling my head back” position may feel like it could be too much to you, but it’s unlikely at this point that even so it is actually all the way back to correct, let alone going past correct.

so its not possible that my neck is simply the wrong angle? guess ill keep trying :confused:

Sit and stand up straight boy!

Many with posture far worse have corrected it.