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Exercises for the Butt

Hi girls…
Does anyone have really god exercises for the but?
I do deadlift, squat and lunges allready… I just need my but to ‘raise a bit upwards’, since its a bit flat, and straight, and of cause get a Bit bigger outwards…
Let mé know about your good advices :slight_smile:


The look up every article on here by Brett contreras. He will give you some excellent variations of the hip thrust

I know you said you do do deads but Stiff legged deads, romanian deads are good to add in with plain ones.

Also make sure you fire your glutes while doing these exercises. Think about making your glutes do the work.

Also have to eat enough to grow…are you dieting right now? Maybe a slight cal increase while you do this?

Its hard to grow an ass, it really is! well a hard ass anyways :smiley:

More squats.

Try side, front and back mini-band “monster” walks before squatting. Make sure you get the technique right though - don’t drag your feet, keep abs tight and push your knees out!

You only need to do them for a couple of minutes and you’ll already feel the burn. :slight_smile: