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Exercises for the Backside


(I hope this the right thread for this)

I see this chick at the GYM bout 2-3 times a week, and Oh Boy is she fine. BUT...she has No ASS. We never actually met or talked, it was just a hi N bye thing.

So couple days ago, we got the talking exchange numbers and she asked me if she I know any excersises that can improve her curves back there. And I was HELL YEAH. But come to think, I dont know shit about it.

So I come to you guys to help out with this, any excersises that can help out the BOOTY?


Wide stance squat, all variations of deadlift, lunges, stepups, reverse hyper.

Gotta love a chick with a firm ass.


all the above are the T-Vixen way to go, but even the dreaded leg press done w/ a high foot stance will hit the glutes

caveat-this is only for the 'unenlightened' who fear the barbells and iron


Glute ham raises.
Have her do all those mentioned above and post pics.


supervised pelvic thrusts...



the "Get your Butt in Gear" series in the archives is a great place to start:



Have her try this:
1a. Heel Elv. Db or BArbell squat 4x10
1b. RDLS- 4x 6-8
1c. rev hypers 4x 12--15

  1. Single leg DB or BB squat 3x 10--12
    5min walking lunges(no rest)


Shit man, you can't interpret women .. now go back and say you'll fill that ass right up.


Do you workout? Do you train legs? Then you should know plenty of exercises. Deep, ass-to-the-grass squats, deadlifts, lunges, one-legged squats, cleans and snatches, etc.




seriously, since ive been doing heavy ass DL's and squats, my ass and lower back is tight....shit i love to feel my own booty, its tight and small, like a duck's A.


SQUATS. Period. Everything else is secondary in this regard.

Deadlifts are a close second, but good luck getting any chick to do those).


A 2 G Squats. Make sure to go deep.

How you tell her this is up to you.....


AHHHHHH HAHAHAHA....God dang man, you had me rolling.

Im kinda taking it easy on my legs do to surgery. But I really appreciate all the comments and tips you all have provided. I will post pix before\after pix for all if shell let me, ya dig!!!


I stopped There.

No such thing.

If she is fine... she has ass.

Next question.


and may I add, no homo


Now shes asking what she should eat to get some fat back there. Her ass is pretty flat and shes thin. She doesnt really have fat on her to form some curves back there. You think I should tell her to bump her calories? (Massive Eating) Do you even think she has a chance to have an ass(not like Vida or anything just a nice firm booty)???


Put her on a Super size me-diet and I'm sure she would put on fat just about everywhere. That's not very difficult. To localize the fat to her ass only is an entirely different story :wink:


The first exercise I taught an ex was the SLDL. She was repping with 90lbs at a BW of about 110.

Rule one: First exercise taught should target the glutes!


If your gym has a butt-blaster that is great for the ladies. Otherwise, what everyone else is saying: Stiff-legged deadlifts, ass to grass squats, glute-ham-raises. Keep in mind though, booty is mostly genetic. She may get firmer and tighter with a bit more roundness but no amount of exercize will morph her into a J. Lo or Vida.