Exercises for Test Boost?

[quote]fendertele wrote:
Totally agree and understand was just looking for a general answer like

Running - bad
walking - good[/quote]
Yes, because training is always that simple. Ha, if only, dude. :wink:

For your “cardio”, consider these options:

Basically higher intensity stuff that gets the job done faster. For your “regular” lifting, it’s an often-debated point, but the consensus is there’s not all that much 90 minutes of lifting will do to dramatically and permanently alter your Test levels.

You can try taking some small steps, but bigger pieces of the puzzle will need to be addressed (diet and supplements, mostly). Check these:
“5 Ways to Boost Testosterone”:

“Does Lifting Increase Testosterone”:

[Spoiler… it doesn’t.]

Yep. BPA and xenoestrogens. They’re legit and they horrendous for the human body. It’s easy to go overboard and super-paranoid about it, but a little research into avoiding xenoestrogens should be high on your list if you’re looking to naturally boost Test.