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Exercises for Shoulder Pain?

Hello all, I’m currently dealing with what seems to be shoulder tendinitis, sharp pain when I do lateral raises, sometimes pushing and pulling.

I was curious what are some remedies and shoulder friendly exercise to keep in my program. 45 degree shoulder presses seems to do just find, just wanted to see if there were more and if anyone has had this issue and what was the solution, thank you again.

This could be literally anything. Its not safe to assume that some kind of exercise will fix it. I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries (as I’ve said time and again) and if the pain does not subside after a few weeks of rest, then you should be seen by a good sports ortho surgeon and have it evaluated for tissue damage. Typically this an x-ray and an MRI.

What were you doing when the pain started? Was it immediate or develop over time?

X Rays were fine, did a full range of motions and test and was told my strength was extremely good, I simply haven’t been stretching enough and need to strengthen my rotary cuff(s)