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Exercises for Scapular Winging


Hey,just thought I'd post this here.What besides push-up plus are good exercises for scapular winging on the right side only.I also have trap and possible pec minor atrophy issues.Also right shoulder clicks when moving it back after hunching foreward for a little while.

On recent visit to a chiropractor he had said I have a sick scapula and possible long thoracic nerve problem.(Any idea's )
How do I isolate one side too catch up with the Left side.



Standing cable press with a plus is excellent. I arm cable rows also.


The cable press plus is that one arm at a time I'm assuming it is according to what I wrote.



If you have some way to access this article, some excellent exercises are described:


Reference is: Kibler, B. American Journal of Sports Medicine 26(2): p325-337, 1998.


Unfortunately I can't access this site I wish I could but no go. Mabey some one knows on this site what to do.

Thanks, stevko.



Go there. Read everything. Do everything.

Thoracic mobility is also helpful.


Agree with above post.


Hey thanks for the info Datta and also paulMD for the quick response.


look up the push-ups, facepull and shrugs article by Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson.


I'm not sure what this sentence means. Cressy wrote an anticle with the cable pressin it. I forget the title, so have a hunt.

Swiss ball rollouts were really helpful for me also. Do some boxing, that could help.


My left scapular never winged but my right would be on and off for a year plus despite doing all the proper exercises. Finally I went to physiotherapy and the therapists told me most of my problems stem from lack of thoracic extension. He showed me how to stretch it out and in weeks my scapulars fell back relaxed and don't wing anymore.


Yeah that can be it for sure. I think its the long thoracic nerve that iunnervates the serratus anterior and can get trapped with poor posture/mobility.


I have had a winging scapula for aaaages now and I'm currently doing pushups to strengthen my serratus anterior and bent over rows to strengthen my rhomboids. I'm very curious about your thoracic extension exercises that the therapist showed you and cured your problem. What did he show you as I'd love to try some of these! Anyone who knows about these would be a tremendous help! Thanks!


I challenge anyone to show before and after pictures where scapular winging was corrected though exercise. A person can strengthen surrounding musculature (and that might correct a problem) but doing so won't do a thing to change the position of the scapula.


What the heck are you getting at? How does someone correct scapular winging?


You can't. People are not perfectly symmetrical. When someone has an injury to the area they go to a doctor or therapist who identifies the asymmetry. They call it Scapular Winging and tell the person that it is the problem or a symptom of the problem and needs to be fixed.

Fortunately, many times the exercises to "fix" the scapular winging are helpful to the injury but they do nothing for the "winging".

As a disclaimer to my belief, I'm sure there are cases of physical trauma like a car accident that causes scapular winging. In such a case there would also a host of other shit going on that could include spinal alignment, rib-head, broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, etc. Surgery or Chiro care might be needed. I'm sure 95% of the "Scapular Winging" we hear about is complete bullshit.


Well thank you for your heart felt reply sigh but I do in fact have very severe scapula winging on my right hand side, and I have not always had this, nor have I had any severe trauma that I know of. However I have obviously done something and would love to hear how people solved their own issues. Especially with these thoracic extension exercises. Do not assume that someone asking for help is in the 95% of bullshitters as you put it, that is not a good assumption to make when people very much need help.


Sorry. I sure wasn't implying that you are a bullshitter. I'm saying the diagnosis is bullshit.

You say it wasn't always winging. How do you know? Before the injury you probably paid no attention to the area. With the angles and shadows, something like that is hard to see even if your looking for it in the mirror. And, unless your having someone else hold a mirror for you, it's impossible to keep both arms in the same position while your looking.

Please do me a favor. Have someone take a picture your upper back, take note of where you stand relative to them and what the lighting is like. Then, follow the suggestions that have been given you on this thread for mobilizing and strengthening the area. When it's back to 100% or close to it, have the same person take another photo in the same location and conditions. Then decide for yourself if you are winging to the same degree or not. It would be great if you posted the pictures here, too. I could be wrong and I'd love to see proof.


Scapular winging is not necessarily asymmetrical. I don't even know where to start here as I'm not a PT, MD, DO, DC or train other people. I'm sorry to say I think you're wrong without backing it up. BushidoBadBoy or Cressey (in his locker room) would be better people to debate, and I'm sure they would discuss this with you.


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