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Exercises for Push/Pull/Legs Split?

I want to do a push/pull/legs split using the principals of low reps, explosiveness. So what exercises what you guys prescribe?

Im also thinking of it being like this:

  1. push1
    2 legs1
    3 pull1
    4 push2
    5 legs2
    6 pull2
    7 OFF

For what it’s worth, this is what I’m doing at the moment:

1.pull 1 (horizontal/thickness day): barbell row, starting with 90° torso (kinda “Pendaly row”), then (as the weights go up), I gradually switch to a 45° torso (kinda Yates-style row), then some T-bar row (high reps) and a biceps exercise or two

2 push 1 (vertical/shoulder day): Military press, then Push press as the weights increase, some high reps incline bench and some close grip BP (lateral raises if I feel like)

3 legs 1 (hamstring day): DL, then high reps RDL, abs and calves

4 pull 2 (vertical/width day): pull-up, then some high reps Rack Chin and some hammer/reverse curl

5 push 2 (horizontal/pec day): bench press, then some high reps DB shoulder press and elbow-extension triceps exercise (PRJ pull-over or DB floor exetension)

6 legs 2 (quad day): back squat, then some high volume front squat or high reps lunges, abs and calves

Each day, the first exercise is either ramped in “Thibaudeau-style” or follows the 5/3/1 load scheme.

FYI, on push day coach Thibaudeau recommends using always this progression: Military press, Incline press, Flat bench press