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Exercises for OLympic Weightlifting

Hey guys,
What exercises are essential for Olympic Weightlifting in the gym? I’v got the lifts covered, so no exercises like drop snatches or cleans. I’m trying to set up a gym program for Olympic Weightlifting. I’m talking quads(NB), chest, tri’s, hams, back etc. What exercises are best and also maybe a training system(sets,reps)

What ever you specific needs are.

I’m looking to get superstrong legs, to obviously assist in the lifts. What exercises do you recommend(squats, leg extensions???). Also what training system (reps, sets) do you guys recommend) 15yo (1.87m, 102kg) I’m only in youth ranks, but i’m looking to lay a very solid foundation.

You have no specific needs as of yet and even if you have i don’t know as im not your coach. Learn the lifts, squat, pull, push ups, push press, rowing.

I’m no olympic lifter by any means, but I don’t think leg extensions are recommended at all. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Squat, carry, deadlift, push, pull, jump. Do something heavy for a few, then do something light for a lot. What else do you need?


A pretty solid program that I’ve used and recommend for some lifters I train:

Snatches (15-20 reps total around 65-75%)
C and J (Heavy single)
Sn.Pulls (18-22 reps total ~ 80-90% of snatch)
Jump squats (30-35% of back squat, 3-5 reps for 3-5 sets)

RDLs (18-24 reps total ~ 80-100% of clean)
Back squat (24-30 reps total ~ 70-85%)
Press (20-24 reps total ~ 70-85%)
Pullups (24-36 reps total)
GHR (24-30 reps total

Snatch (Heavy single)
C & J (Doubles ~ 65-75% for about 24-28 reps total (one C & J= 2 reps)
Cl.Pull (18-22 reps total ~80-90% of clean)
BNP Press (24-30 reps total ~ 70-85%)

Deadlift (18-24 reps total ~70-85%)
F.Squat (24-30 reps total ~70-85%)
Benchpress (24-30 reps total ~70-85%)
Pullups (24-36 reps total)
Knee-to-elbows (20-30 reps total)

Then, take the weekend off and repeat for 4-6 weeks, gradually increasing intensity over the program. The days where you do a heavy single in either the snatch or clean and jerk are meant to be done based on how you feel. If you’re bagged, don’t go over 85-90%, but if you’re feeling good, push for a PR or at least a previous maximum. I typically use the higher rep range in the first couple of weeks, with the lower intensity, and then push the intensity as the weeks progress, lowering the reps. Traditional linear periodization; but it works. The program is best repeated every 3-4 weeks, instead of dragging out a 12 week program where you aren’t hitting heavy/maximum weights for a long time. Weightlifters are meant to be strong, and lifting heavy will accomplish that. But since it’s a power sport, you can’t just lift heavy; you also need to lift fast. Maximum power can be accumulated around the 70% mark. Constantly lifting above 85-90% will change the tempo of the lifts and can change your lifting patterns.
Remember, this is more of a hypertrophy/strength routine than a strict Olympic lifting routine (for an actual Oly lifter). Typical programs have you practicing the Olympic lifts every day. This program is meant for after you have established a solid base of technique, and want to focus more on strength/size gain.
Hope this helps a bit.

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