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Exercises for Kyphosis


Hello, I am 28 years old and I have kyphosis. I bought pullup bar and gymnastic rings. Could you please tell me some exercises to improve my posture? I know that now is late but I would like to try. I read that push ups are not good for kyphosis, because they train chest.
In pullup bar I can do 8 pull ups. I am doing chin ups also. I tried to do dips with gymnastic rings but I dont know if they are good for my posture.

I attached photo with my kyphosis and my pullup bar and rings.


Facepull/rear delt moves with the rings


This is essentially what I did:

Get a PVC pipe or foam roller and do these:

Also use a tennis ball to work out knots in your chest and front delts.

With the rings:

You can start doing those while standing very vertical (pulling yourself to vertical at the end of each rep), and work down lower and lower over time. I’d stick to sets of 12-15 just throughout the day. A few in the morning, a few at night.

That probably won’t get you 100% of the way, but it should make a good start. It’s likely you’re tight in your subscapularis too, but that requires some work that’s nearly impossible to do yourself.


gymnastic rings aren’t going to be such a miraculous cure for kyphosis, I’m afraid. They’ll help, absolutely, but they won’t be enough on their own.

You need to train scapular retraction (think horizontal pulling) and scapular upward rotation. The scapular upward rotation is a very overlooked component.

Those exercises LoRez linked for the rings are good. Buy some resistance bands too. Google the exercise “prone trap raises” and do those with your band. Do them every day! You can do them by getting down on all fours and putting on end of the band under your knee. You’ll see what I mean after you’ve googled the exercise.

Another important upward rotator is your serratus anterior. Google “scap push ups” and do those every day too.

So to summarise:

-rows on the rings
-face pulls with the rings
-rear delt flyes with the rings
-prone trap raises with a band
-scap push ups

the problem you might have is not being strong enough to do the face pulls and rear felt flyes with the rings. You might want to consider joining a gym so you’d have access to cables.

Be patient. You’re not going to fix 20+ years of postural deficits in a matter of weeks