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Exercises For Hemiparesis?


My mother had a stroke during brain surgery to fix a blown aneurysm, causing hemiparesis on the right side of her body. So, she can't grip anything with her right hand or make much use of it in general. Also, her toes on her right foot are curled up, which causes her to walk with a limp. She can use cardio and exercise machines and stuff, but nothing all that productive. Can you guys think of any exercises that I could show her that she could do to try and get in better shape?


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not really "productive" per se, but the Feldenkrais Method would not be harmful and could well be quite helpful in such a case.


I know/helped stroke victims and cerebral palsy victims that have gotten significant results using a technique called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) especially in regards to gait and spastic muscles. The hard part is finding a practitioner in the US.

Here is a link: http://www.rehabps.com/REHABILITATION/Home.html