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Exercises for Extra Volume

i’ve been thinking that i need some extra strength work outside of the gym and i’m curious about how much i can do without totally overworking my muscles/cns. like, should i do daily push-ups? can i do daily pull-ups? i’ve read that band pull-aparts are good to do every day. wendler has written about neck-work every day. i’ve been doing handstands and l-sits every day.

is there literature on this, or is it a try and find out what your body can handle kind of thing?

Why do you “want” extra volume? Not working hard enough on your workout?

Only you will know what your body can handle, btw. Just push it. You will also be surprised what it can handle.

They’re pullups goddamit, do them however and whenever you like. It’s like running to get to school on time. I see kids swinging, running, and screaming at the park almost everyday. There’s probably literature on it, but you’ll know more about yourself than any book can tell you.

All the volume you need…