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Exercises for CT's Split in Frequency Article

CT/ Anyone else

You listed this in the article:

•Monday: Pecs, upper back
•Tuesday: Lower body, quad dominant
•Wednesday: Off
•Thursday: Shoulders, biceps, triceps
•Friday: Off
•Saturday: Back, lower body (posterior chain dominant)
•Sunday: Off

Which back exercises would you recommend for Monday and which for Saturday?

Also, what is the reason biceps is trained on day with pushing not pulling exercises?

Thanks v much in advance


Doing direct bicep work on a separate day gives them one primary training session and two secondary training sessions.

So why do biceps need more training sessions than triceps, then? Because this is a BB routine, and they are more of a show muscle group?

The goal of the program is a high training frequency. This is pretty much the smartest way to ensure each muscle group gets both direct and indirect work as often as possible. It’s damn near impossible to train your back with absolutely no bicep activation so training them thrice a week is just a side-effect of maximizing training frequency on all muscle groups.

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Don’t mean to hijack your thread but I put together a routine based off the same article.

Just finished running Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong after not being in the gym consistently for a while and loved it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Pecs and Upper Back:
A) Snatch from Blocks
B1) Incline Bench
B2) Neutral Grip Chins
C1) DB Bench
C2) DB Row
D1) Dips
D2) Supported T-Bar Row

Quad Dominate Lower Body:
A) Back Squat
B) Bulgarian Split Squats
C1) Box Jumps
C2) Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge
D) Front Squat

Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps
A) Clean and Press from Blocks
B) DB Press
C1) Partial Rep Shoulder Press
C2) Lateral Raise
(as outlined in CT’s Tip: Build Wide Shoulders with this superset)
D1) Close-Grip Preacher Curl
D2) Close-Grip Bench
E1) Biceps Mechanical Drop Set
E2) Triceps Mechanical Drop Set
(As outlined in CT’s Tip: Blow up your Biceps & Triceps with this Workout)

Posterior Chain Dominant Lower Body and Back:
A) Hang Snatch
B) Deadlift
C1) Pull-ups
C2) Shrugs
E) Loaded Carry

I’d also like to add a day for sprints, probably the day after Shoulders and Arms.

For the Olympic lifts I was going to do a three week cycle; 4x4, 5x2, 8x1. It’s worked great for me in the past.Everything else will be in the set and rep range CT outlined in the article.

Biceps get more stimulus because I had to put a second back workout because back isn’t hit indirectly in another workout… biceps are involved in pulling muscles. So whenever back is trained, biceps are also stimulated.

Thanks for all your replies, esp CT!

CT- re the upperback work with pecs, I was thinking this would be more assistance exercises like rear delts and face pulls. Or would this include major movements like chins and runs (like maw has in his routine above?)