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Exercises For Back/Chest !


Er been scouring this site and im getting hopelessly lost looking for good chest/back/leg exercises.

So here's the issue:

I'll be doing:


And alternating Bi's/Tri's program is BBB
Everyday for 6 days in a row, so i need exercises that won't absolutely kill my lower back.... it's DIFFICULT to find some !

Got to Day 3 before i just crashed lol some i really would appreciate some help.

Day 1:

HS High Row
^ Opposite side of the machine is a chest exercise
Leg Press
Seated Calf Raise
Ez Bar Curls

Day 2:

WWWiiidddeee grip Bench Press to Neck (Smith Machine)
Power Shrugs - Bar Just above Knee Explosive start hold @ top for 1-2 seconds
Hamstring Leg Press - Foot Really high up medium width
HS Calf Raise
R.G.B.P. <- My fav exercise :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 3:

Rack Chins
Neutral Grip DB Press (Im struggling for exercises lol)
BarBell Curls
Seated Calf Raise
Front Squats <- Gonna try them !

After that ran plain out of things to do, any and all help greatly appreciated, if needed change the 3 days all ye want everyone knows more than i do about exercise selection :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to be rude, but seriously, you have to work on your grammar. That was hard to read for me. All I could understand was that you're trying to find more exercises for your chest, back and legs.

Anyways, I'm not familiar with the program, so I won't make much of a comment except that maybe you should consider just sticking with those 3 exercises. I think 3 exercises per muscle group per week is sufficient variety. However, you want some sort of constancy to a program so you can keep track of progress.

Just my thoughts.


Hard for you to read ?? What particular dialect of English do you speak that it was difficult ?
Didn't know it was a Weightlifting/ Grammer School. And that was exactly what i asked, so it seems wasn't to difficult after all !

As for the rest, thanks for that.........


Ramp 2 - Week one
Day 1
DB Rows/Chest Supported row 3x13-15 (150s)
Flat Chest Press 3x13-15 (150s)
Hack Squats/leg press 3x13-15 (150s)
Seated Calves 3x13-15 (150s)
Curls 3x13-15 (150s)

Day 2
Incline Press 3x13-15 (150s)
Rack Chins 3x13-15 (150s)
Leg Curls 3x13-15 (150s)
Standing Calves 3x13-15 (150s)
RGBP or whatever 2x13-15 (150s)

Day 3
Dead lifts 3x10-12 (150s)
Flat Chest Press 3x10-12 (150s)
Curls 3x10-12 (150s)
Seated Calves 3x10-12 (150s)
hack squat/Leg Press 3x10-12 (150s)

Day 4
Incline Press 3x10-12 (150s)
Rack Chin 3x8-10 (150s)
RGBP or whatever 2x10-12 (150s)
Leg Curls 3x10-12 (150s)
Standing Calves 3x10-12 (150s)

Day 5
DB Rows/Chest Supported row 3x8-10 (150s)
Chest Dips or flat chest press 3x8-10 (150s)
Squats 3x8-10 (150s)
Seated Calves 3x8-10 (150s)
Curls 2x8-10 (150s)

Day 6
Incline Press 3x8-10 (150s)
Rack Chins 3x8-10 (150s)
Leg Curls 3x8-10 (150s)
RGBP 2x8-10 (150s)
Standing Calves 3x8-10 (150s)

You can keep Back width, biceps, triceps exercises the same every time you work them- the varying rep ranges will be enough variation...

With this you alternate back width and thickness, Quads and hams, bi's and tri's while saving your lower back...

At your beginner level, I think it best to use less exercises and absolutely nailing them instead of to much variation...

Keep it hard and simple and you WILL benfit more than doing a ton of exercises...


Kroc rows are nice, no low back stress there. You have to get the technique right though, so that it doesn't end up being all arms and lats.

For biceps, I like alt. offset curls, the way that Levrone does them.

I don't know this from experience, but C_C says that benching to the neck is a bad idea unless you have absolutely bulletproof shoulders.

I'm sure others will have more suggestions.


I agree that things should be kept simple, but I think doing flat bench and leg curls (and even rack chins) 3x a week could eventually lead to muscle imbalances. Not only that, it'd be boring as hell.

But to each his own.


Thank you for taking the time to write that most appreciated, going to sub in and out 2 exercises but the rest is staying the same.

Again thank you.


I did Kroc rows last week, and my lower back was fried afterwards. I didn't notice any lower back rounding when I was doing them (I check my form periodically in the mirror). Am I missing something?

My lower back tends to get fatigued very easily though.


Fair enough jo3-he can alternate grip widths for chins or even throw in some behind the neck pulldowns etc.

He can also do decline instead of flat bench etc -that is common sense-the idea was to show him how to save his lower back.

With ramp 2 it is quite difficult to NOT overwork your lower back. I also thought it good to alternate between 'upper' and 'lower/mid chest' -it's up to him what type and how many exercises he wants to do. MODOK used very little variation in exercises for his BBB and you can't argue his results.

Whatever you change STB- please keep in mind the stress on lower back and switch out similar type of exercises and not leg curls and SLDL for example. MODOK also specifically said to ONLY switch out exercises once you stalled on them and even then you can just move them to a different rep range day and you will progress again.

After all this I still think less exercises will be better.-to quote Iron Addict-an absolute genius with training:
"For you people that are always concerned about balance and symmetry, yet donâ??t grow, yes, you guys.always doing 3-4 exercises per body-part to ensure â??complete developmentâ?? of all â??aspectsâ?? of a muscle. What if all you did was:

Squats 400 x 20
Stiff-legged deadlifts 375 x 15
Bench Press 315 x 12
Pull-Up with 100 lbs extra weight x 12
Military Press Body-Weight x 10
Calf-Raise 700 x 15
Weighted Sit-Up 175 x 12

How much bigger would you be than you are now, and what muscle would be under developed?!?!?!?!?!?



No idea, man. Ask someone better qualified than me :slightly_smiling:

I'd suggest filming it next time and posting it up here.


Thank you guys for the help !

Might swap back out Rack Chins as i have never done them before.... so i'll follow your lead grinder and stick with what i know - HS back machine and Rack Deadlifts


Ramp 2 - Week one
Day 1
Rack Deadlifts
Flat Chest Press
Leg press
Seated Calves

Day 2
Incline Press
HS Iso Machine
Leg Curls
Standing Calves

Day 3
Flat Chest Press
Seated Calves
Leg Press

Day 4
Incline Press
HS Iso Back
Leg Curls
Standing Calves

Day 5
Machine Chest Supported row
Flat chest press
Front Squat
Seated Calves

Day 6
Incline Press
Rack Deadlifts
Sumo Deadlifts
Standing Calves m


My comments are in brackets...

If you do decide that front squats don't work use back squats, but then you need to do less lower back on day six for ex. another width exercise.)


But i LIKE Rack Deadlifts lol

And i cant tell the damn difference between thickness and width !

Can you per chance outline some more width besides Pulldowns, i feel i'd be wasting 3 weeks doing that exercise.... or is it a good one ?

As for the stress i was doing

Day 1: Racks
Day 2: Back Squats
Day 3: ....
Day 4: Sumo Deadlifts
Day 5; Racks
Day 6: Back Squats

So i "think" my lower back can take the racks can i at least TRY i really like lifting heavy weight lol switching it out for machines hurts.


I agree. I finished week 1 of ramp 2 last week, and it was hard to set up my exercises to where I wouldn't absolutely destroy my lower back.


If you want that V-shaped back, you have to do your back width exercises. You can do variations of pulldown and pull-ups using supinated, neutral, or pronated grips.

And how exactly does switching out to machines hurt?


ERM nevermind me !

Forgot that it's back to 13-15 reps LOL


Putting these in instead:

C_C would be proud lol.

Allright im off to try em out.


Best Back width exercises:
Wide Rack Chins (don't do them on low rep days-tricep insertion takes high stress)
Reverse shoulder width grip Rack Chins (fine do do heavy for me..don't know what Ceph will say on them)
All pull up and chin variations (very difficult)
Pull down variations

I must say that rack chins and pull downs are best suited for BBB, because very few people can even do 3 sets of 8 of chins or pull ups let alone 3x15
With BBB (as with DC) one always has to take safety in the rep ranges and progression in cosideration when selecting a exercise.

Best Back thickness exercises:

Rack Deads (heavy on lower back)
Deads (Heavy on lower back
BB rows (Medium on lower back)
T-bar rows/corner rows as per DC (Medium on lower back)
Chest supported rows (No lower back)
DB Rows (No lower back)

Another thing to not forget is the NMA levels.

That is why rack chins are superior to those lat cable rows/pull downs-your body moves through space...

Later on when you are damn strong in the rack chin variations you can add those cable rows etc.

Hope you know more about back training now.

PS: In my comments on your routine: If you really want do to rack deads leave out floor deads and do rack deads. You are a beginner so floor deads are a very important thing to learn IMO...


I see greatly appreciate you taking the time to write that up.

Never did pull ups or chins before i might try at the end of my session tomorrow see how i go o.0

Thanks again Grinder.


Hey!, I think the same! :slightly_smiling: but U know, I still need to add 17 years at gym so.. ^ ^ ^

This is good STB.